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I Don't Want Kids & What's In My Dog's Diaper Bag?

Dog moms are moms too, ammiright ladies??   I don't want kids.   Never did, never planned on it.  My dogs have been the closest thing to it.  I know the human-makers get pissed when you compare having a puppy to a baby and this topic can trigger debates so I will save you some time.  I plan to be brutally honest so this might not be the post for you if you feel strongly about it, perhaps it will take an open mind.  I also would like to mention a trigger warning if you or someone you love has had complications with conceiving.  When I worked in cosmetics, gals I used to work with at the makeup counter would see a baby stroll by and stop the mother to gawk at them and makes those odd oogly googly noises.  This was my queue to walk away and busy myself elsewhere so I didn't have to fake like I cared with an awkward smile.  I've actually faked it in the past with "aww how old?" type questions but inside I'd have a weird knot in the pit of my stomach.  A knot of d

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