Beauty Blogger Beginnings


I am Seanna Miriah, a pinup girl and makeup artist, and most of all an obsessive dreamer of becoming a full time vlogger blogger.  I make beauty and lifestyle videos that I put together myself, including all of the editing and equipment, then they are posted to Youtube anywhere from one to three times a week.  I bartended and do makeup to get by but I stay up at night praying to the Gods, the aliens, the baby Jesus, and the Universe that somehow I will, one day, be able to open new doors to new amazing opportunities in the world of blogging.  I still have a bunch of equipment to get in order to improve the quality of the vids but I am satisfied that I am able to share helpful beauty tips and occasional silly personal vlogs showing a glimpse into my weekly life with quality entertainment and all coming from a loving place and with the kindest intentions.  I grew up watching Anne of Green Gables and Pollyanna with my mom so don't be shocked that a "goody two shoes" with so many tattoos exists.  I can break the stereotype of whatever it is people think heavily tattooed people are "like".  

This is the landing spot for everything I do.  A place to visit and sit a spell, maybe binge watch some videos and eat some popcorn, interact with me, share stories, and general good times!

Hope you enjoy what I have coming and revisit often!

X's & O's 
Seanna Miriah


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