Latest Beauty Craze!

People are loving it...

OK Ok ok so it hasn't become a craze yet but I can see this little "Beauty Game" idea I came up with, really taking off!  The idea was born when I was watching other videos where boyfriends so kindly offer to be a part of (or get suckered into) a beauty vlogger's video.  I saw so many with the same tag title like "Boyfriend Does My Makeup", "Beanboozle Challenge", "Girlfriend Does Boyfriend's Makeup", or even "Read My Lips" or whatever it's called when you blast music into your own ears and try to read the other person's lips (actually quite funny, we should do that one).  I would love to do those challenges one day as well but where does that get me if I don't try to stand out with something original?  For months I have been mulling over ideas on what to do in my boyfriend involved Youtube vid.  I kept warning Lyle, "Ok Babe!  I am getting close to figuring out a video we could do!"  He's all, "Uhhh, mmhmm..." I don't recall he was jumping for joy per-say...but he was willing and HOT-dog that's all a girl needs to hit the ground running with it.  

So I came up with "THIS or THAT".  I didn't shoot for a specific number of questions and I think I ended up with a random 17 with one wasted due to my error (halfway in the video you can see it because I left it in for laughs).  You would think I would have tried to round it off to 20 but no. Seanna stops when Seanna stops...I don't even understand it myself.  
The game is basically two things that sound like a beauty item.  One is real and the other is random and he has to guess which is the real one.  

If you lean in I will share a little secret {Looks to left, looks to right} we attempted to do the "boyfriend does my makeup" challenge...but we got drunk and started making out...haha, true story!  It's moments like that, that makes us both wake up and ask each other if sobriety is around the corner yet.  Sidenote: we both plan on becoming fully sober and it's getting close to that day, it may even be right now!  I had to delete the footage because we didn't complete the video and I also didn't turn the camera off, oops, so it basically turned into a soft porno...double oops.  DELETE!
The evidence is gone but the memory remains that Lyle got almost completely through doing my makeup and I seriously doubt he wants to do a re-take.  Well, I dunnnnno, sometimes all I have to do is puppy-dog-eyes him and he gives in.  I said sometimes!

So go watch the video and comment your score if you decide to play along.  Essentially, all you would do is pause right after I ask each question and write down your answer and count up your score!  How well do you know beauty? Enjoy and please Subscribe to my channel!

All the love to you,

X's & O's


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