Labor Day Vlog

Not Drinking Makes Me Productive

Plus my latest video is up, see below!

The above picture is a throwback from a shoot I did with Spencer from Pixelated Perceptions in North Carolina.  We walked around an old run down building and got some really great shots, plus I am wearing this kick ass blonde-fro.  I like to share pics from past photo shoots on my Instagram so if you don't follow me yet come see!  That is the most active social media platform I partake in.

This weekend was Labor Day weekend and also the mark of the seven days I haven't had any alcohol.  Lyle and I are taking a much needed break from it.  I felt like it was slowing me down honestly.  We haven't said how long we intend to quit so we are just going with it for now.
 I feel great and hope to lose some weight.  <--Hey I wrote a rhyme! 

Another thing I do on my Instagram is share little mini videos, I blinged out this bottle of Cetaphil if you want to see that project or watch it in my video below :)

The Beauty Room got a Makeover! 
 Cupcakes and Veggie Burgers went down over the weekend as well.  I told you I was productive!

You can watch the video below and hey, have you subscribed to my channel on Youtube yet?  Please don't forget to if you haven't so you don't miss a thing!
  Have a great week everyone!

All the Love

~Seanna Miriah


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