Leavenworth Trip

Oh so it's gonna be like THAT Leavenworth?  Being all cute and quaint and I am just now seeing your glory?!  

 It took a visit from my Aunt and Uncle to trigger a sudden visit to this fairyland in the sky.  It is a two hour drive from Seattle through majestic mountain tops passing by businesses named after Yokel slang so the "city folk" are more inclined to stop.  Places like Hillbilly Coffee and Pee-Paws Tavern.  Ok so the first was real...I made up the second one but I would KILL to go to a place like Pee-Paws regularly.  
My relatives are on a RV excursion through the PNW and going out to their campground made me realize how much I love the trees out here.  I mean, we live fairly far out of the city but nothing like what the mountains offer.  It's simply breathtaking.  I kept shouting to Lyle how we need to go to Leavenworth more often because the drive alone was worth it.  I say shouting because whenever I get excited my voice elevates to an annoying pitch that could attract the wolves in Twilight.  
Very Pacific Northwest of me to use a Twilight reference right?  
Did you catch that?

 We didn't get too many souvenirs but I do plan on going back before Christmas to do more of a shopping trip.  So many shops it almost seems like something I would need to get up super early or stay the weekend for.  We got the famous sausages from the Munchen Haus Bavarian Grill, chocolates from Das Sweet Shop,
and back to Munchen Haus for some authentic pretzels that were like none I've ever had before, SO GOOD served with local Beecher's Cheese.

The day was perfect and getting to see family was a nice boost to my soul.  My Aunt said Lyle was cute and my Uncle approved saying "He seems cool".  
Which in my families' surfer dude lingo that is the ultimate thumbs up.

Fun Fact:  My Uncle and my dad were actually friends with Cameron Crow back in the 70's (he wrote Fast Times At Ridgemont High) and the character Spicole they swear was based off of them making fun of the way their boss talked, "Hey Buuuuudy".  Yup, that's my dad and his brother in a nutshell.


 Below is the Vlog video of last week with the Leavenworth clips and I also included part of my week in "House Flipping" with Mimi.  I have finally come to the end of being a "Handy Girl" for her house project and she is ready to put it on the market.  I had a great time over the month taking on odd jobs around the house for her so I can learn a bit about what goes into home ownership and fixer uppers.  Lyle and I want to buy a home as soon as possible so I figured this was a good stepping stone in learning a bit about repairs and what I can do to help.  Him being an electrician is a major bonus and I want to have a hand in helping to.

Enjoy the video and have a great week!

All The Love,

Ballard House Tour Bonus Video


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