Avant-Garde Eye Tricks

Or any creative way to sport an out-of-the-box look that is intentionally unintenional

Raise your hand if you feel bored with the ole winged liner?  Don't get me wrong, I love me a sharp flick over the lid most of the time but sometimes when I am doing my makeup a strong desire to lose all control of the brush and set myself free washes over me, free of these winged chains!  

There are NO RULES IN MAKEUP!  I can't stress it enough.  Did you know it washes off?  I feel like if one takes the pressure off of having to have everything perfect then the true magic happens and you get some super fun results.

 One time when I was PMS'ing I posted a practice run of doing some pseudo "Drag" style makeup and people on my Facebook where saying how they liked me natural instead.  This enraged me inside, "Well DUH, it's just a LOOK for crying out loud".  Can't I play with makeup and not have some opinion of how they prefer me to look snarked up in the comments?  It's like if a kid was playing dress-up and someone said "Don't have too much fun now".  Just another reason I avoid Facebook as much as possible.  It drives me Bonkers.  I embrace each individuals' personal style and choices of self expression so strongly I could front a march.

So here we have it!  The latest vid.  I skipped bronzing and highlighting for two reasons on this one, A. Because you've seen it before and it was nothing new.  B. It got cut for time.  I really am trying to keep my videos short and sweet when possible.  I know not everyone has 20 minutes to watch me flap my gums.  So enjoy and see ya again later this week!

Love You All!

~Seanna Miriah


  1. Yey, I loved this tutorial you had me giggling through it. The spatter eyes rock!

  2. Instructional, Short AND Cuteness, good combo.


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