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Remember this photo?  That time that I contacted Asheville Hot Air Balloon and simply asked if we could do a photoshoot in one of their balloons.  I think a lot of people think it's fake fire behind me.  It is not.  This actually happened behind my heavily hair sprayed hair as we floated 15 ft above the photographer who was laying on her back in a field to get this shot.  The basket kept jumping around, we were so scared it was going to squish Hannah Combs and her camera.  I had to model my ASS off to not look terrified.  There is a guy in the basket with me who was ducking out of frame the entire time.  Little behind the scenes tid-bit there for ya!  I am still so grateful to AHAB for volunteering their equipment and staff for this shoot.  I originally just asked them when they already had one set up from taking customers out, if we could quickly jump in and take a few shots but instead they loaded us into a van and drove us out to the location and set it all up just for us.  Thank you guys SO MUCH if you are reading this.  They have still, til this day, been such big supporters of me.

I miss photoshoots, but I am so committed to video-making that I don't seem to have time for anything else.  I desire success for my Youtube Channel more then ever.  I spent years modeling for various esteemed photographers winning awards and ending up on t-shirts in Australia and even the side of a billboard in Paris.  I was simply having fun styling shoots, scouting locations, and bending my body awkwardly for a good shot.  I just loved it and never thought about doing it for money.

However, turning on my video camera and talking makeup or DIY's, vlogging and tutorials and editing them all down has become my true passion.  I get frustrated when I have to put down my computer in the middle of editing to go to work.  I am an artist type and once I start a project I will stay up 24 hours to complete it.  I have a notebook of ideas that I have been wanting to film but need a few days off to be able to shoot it consecutively and that time has yet to come, my "day job" yanks on my skirt like a kid I don't have. 

I think it's amazing and absolutely crazy that I have found something I love to do so much and it costs nothing to the viewer.  It's a free service that I just throw out into the abyss of the internet and hope I can entertain, educate, or make someone laugh (hopefully all three).  I am constantly upgrading myself and trying to remain open and "sponge-like" when watching other bloggers who have already reached their success and are going it full time.  This is my goal. 

So all I need is subscribers!  It's free, it's fun, and I will make it worth your time, promise.

I also am looking for Sponsors but I understand, until I get more subscribers that will have to come with time.

Please, if you came this far, go subscribe to my Youtube channel and you can also follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat all under "Seanna Miriah".  

I hope to see your shining face around!

All the Love
X's & O's


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