Halloween Decorating

I tend to go a bit overboard every year with decorations because I just get way too excited about the holidays.  I have a mix of stuff that is classy and chic and some that are downright cheap-o kid stuff.  I go to TJ Maxx, Daiso Japan, the Dollar Store, and Home Goods for my decorations so it really is a mixed bag.  I try not to buy too many things that will just be used once so it's not wasteful.  I have a separate bag in storage for seasonal stuff that I add to every year and get so excited to drag it out and remember all the goodies I have to spam the house with.

When I moved across country I ditched everything.  I had years and years of things I collected for my home that all ended up being donated.  I packed 10 boxes and shipped them to my mom's house here in Washington then the Booger-dog and I flew weeks later to be joined with the few belongings I kept which was mostly clothes, pictures, and makeup.  All of my holiday stuff ended up at the Goodwill and Salvation Army in North Carolina.  Somebody hit a holiday goldmine. 

To be honest, it's kind of nice actually because now Lyle and I can build our own traditions and he gets more and more into it each year.   Believe it or not just the other day he said, "Let's make Halloween treats together!"  I was shocked.  It was because he saw a post from Pee-Wee Herman on Facebook of some ghoulish cookies and he thought it looked fun.  Don't have to ask me twice Mr. Boyfriend of mine!  Bring on the couples baking please!

So here you have it, a guide to Halloween Decorating that you simply can't miss out on.  


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