Mo' Cable Mo' Problems

Issues with your cable provider?  Me too.
I have a parody that is set to private on my Youtube channel from last year.
It was a fabricated tale about what it was like looking for an apartment here in Seattle.
It was viewed more than any video on my channel thus far and it is still un-viewable at this point in time because it is embarrassing, funny but embarrassing.  It got ONE thumbs down and my soul was crushed.  I took it down and never looked back.  I wasn't sure where I was going with this Youtube theme and if I should stay in a box like "Beauty & Makeup" since that's my main area of expertise.  
But what does one do if they have an entire dialog going on in their head exaggerating a conversation they had earlier with their cable company? Do I write it all down, laugh at the idea of it and then do nothing?  Or does one turn on their camera and post it live on the Internet for all the world to see.  Well I have never been a "rational" person or one to "take myself too seriously" so I chose option B. and it is this stupid ass video right here.  Enjoy.


  1. The only person who would give this video a thumbs down, would be a customer service agent at Comcast. It was hilarious!!


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