October Is Upon Us

Hip hip Hooooray!
I am absolutely obsessed with Halloween. 
You have to understand, from a makeup artists' perspective this is our time to shine.  Our shackles of staying within the boundaries of a glam homecoming or soft natural wedding are broken free and we can whip out the black lipstick, fine tipped brushes and Mehron pigments to dazzle the entire body with color.  STOKED.

So today I wanted to start off light with this festive spooky look and just use makeup I already have lying around the beauty room.  I will be going to the FX store soon to get some stuff to do more exciting fully involved Halloween looks throughout the month so keep an eye out for that!

This would be a great idea for teachers or work functions that aren't so much extensive costumes but just a quick makeup look.  When in doubt draw a BAT on your face!  
Bat Brows are the new strobing...haha ok obviously kidding.

Enjoy the video and stay tuned for even more all month long.

Love to All!


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