Squash Stabbing

Ok ok so just because I did that introvert video doesn't mean I still don't like to hang out with my friends.  Especially my bestie Rebecca and her fella.  We have made it a tradition that even if we don't see each other all summer, when the holidays roll around we have to be sure to enjoy them together.
Us gals are typically cooking and catching up and the guys are usually on the couch playing video games.  How very traditional of us.

So I went out and got some things for the party.  Our favorite grocery store near our house always has a GIANT pumpkin display every year.  I don't know about you but something about it kind of grosses me out.  Especially the thought of opening this one up to "gut it" and carve it.  Lllllleeeuk.

The day before our little get together, Lyle and I went on a much needed date.  It was a beautiful walk to the Tapas restaurant through the Autumnal tunnel of leaves and got a sweet pic of the two of us.  My love is the cutest!
Rebecca and Matthew came over for the evening, she usually brings some food to contribute and we always get excited when we find out she is bringing those little taco cupcakes (see in the video).  They are absolutely delicious, I could honestly eat several of them and ignore the fact that I am full enough to burst open.
I made stuffed bell peppers and caramel apple cupcakes, both ideas I got off of Pinterest.
Cute right??

Pumpkin carving was a success and we had a blast.  My traditional smiley pumpkin is on the left.  Matthew made the Reddit character logo in the middle, whipping his up to completion in record time and Rebecca did her usual weird ass thing where it is always a risk and usually needs doctoring because she fucked it up, bahahaa.  Just writing that made me laugh.  Ohhh lawd have mercy she makes me giggle so much with her Llama.  She said, "I want to carve something that SPITS" lol.
Lyle did the Titleist golf ball logo on his.  He is absolutely obsessed with golf as most of you probably know so this was fitting.  He had to zonk out early since he had an early work day the next morning but does still have a pumpkin left to carve and I plan on holding him to it!
Will post pics on my Instagram when that goes down.

So there we have it folks!  Pumpkin carving with friends Vlog has been uploaded and ready to watch, enjoy and happy carving!


  1. Seanna ... you just have the best sense of humor about life and things. Very creative with fun things to do with your friends. (Who are very attractive, by the way.) And, I love the pumpkin faced stuffed peppers ... I'll have to steal that one myself. Keep having fun, or else life becomes a bore. I love you, and, hope to see you sometime in the not too distant future ... Grandma

  2. I think this was the first video of yours I saw. I loved it! It had such a cozy vibe, and I loved all the crafty stuff you did with your place!


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