You Might Be An Introvert If-

When we are little babies our parents socialize us with other babies so that we can get a bit of interaction with our own kind.  These are called "playdates" where essentially babies crawl around and slobber on alphabet blocks in the presence of each other, grunting in the confusion of life.
I don't remember what I was doing back then... I can't even remember what color my underwear is right now but I am certain I wasn't the most popular baby in the daycare.  In fact, I remember specifically not being the favorited kid because I was already showing signs of wanting to be left alone early on, I felt it in my soul.  The only person that could hold me was my mom or dad, anyone else got a screaming falcon baby from the Exorcist.  My teeth were so fucking crooked that I could have shred a block of cheddar for your Cobb Salad.  I was uncomfortable to look at and I didn't understand why cause I was a kid and didn't compute "ugly" yet.  Then when I got to be pre-teen I was so skinny and lanky that people gasped when I walked my grasshopper legs down the auditorium to accept my middle school award...I don't remember what I got an award for but I just remember the whispering, "Oh the poor thing, she's too skinny".  I hated being in front of people.  I hated the attention of a crowd, I cringed when too many people noticed me at once.  I wanted to shrivel up into a ball and go home to write (complain) in my diary.

When I got older I still noticed that I didn't like these things, it just was a bit less dramatic and plus as an adult you just realize "I don't want to do that" so you just don't do the thing that you don't like, like speak in public.  I got braces, filled out into a shapely good looking teenager and even went on to pinup modeling.

Sometimes I feel like extroverts just think of my kind as weak or bitchy.
I am neither of those things I can promise you that.  I prefer to look at it as more like we prefer things calm and simple so we can practice our craft (whatever that may be) in peace.
I kept thinking of these funny habits I have about myself last night and couldn't sleep so I wrote down a few ideas I had for a short video I wanted to make regarding Introverts.  If you are an Introvert as well this will be funny but if you aren't you will probably think it's sad.  You may even think I am depressed.  I am not sad nor am I depressed, I just really really enjoy my "me time".

Thanks for watching, enjoy!

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