Fall H&M Lookbook-UPDATED! Links Included

An H&M Bag arrived at my door a week ago.
I just stared at it with one eye squinting and my upper lip curled for over a week.  I rarely restrain myself from ripping a newly delivered package open like a kid on Christmas but I wanted to wait until I could do a Fall try on video.  If this doesn't tell you how dedicated and how much love I put into my blog then go take a long walk off a short pier.  My dad always says that, never gets old.

But hey, I really had a good time with this one!  Seattle has some crazy ass weather so you really can't predict how to dress.  At this point I couldn't imagine living somewhere tropical and still having to be in all black working at MAC.  My theory is your clothing and style reflects your mood and surroundings...actually I don't even think that's a theory it just is.  Just take a wild guess how living in the PNW has affected me over the past five years.  Won't see Lyle and I walking around in any Tommy Bahama any time soon.  In fact, it we are ever caught wearing it call our Doctor and have our temperatures checked, we may have gone ill.

Here is the video for ya!  Links to all items below.

Pearls $7.99 (similar item)
Clear purse $31.90 (similar item)
Socks from Daiso Japan $1.50 (similar) at Loveculture 
Catsuit (similar) $22.50 (it's really hard to find these with a crotch, yikes!)
Marc Jacobs neoprene computer bag (similar) $125 

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your weekend folks! 

XOXO ~ Seanna


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