Look Ma' Both Hands!

Ever wonder if you were wasting time by using just one hand at a time?  Well I just cut most of my makeup application time in half!  What the hell have I been doing all of these years?  I've been a lazy makeup artist is what I have been doing.  Geesh!
To be ambidextrous is to be able to use both hands equally, not necessarily at the same time mind you.  Like, some people can write with both hands.  I have actually practiced this and when I was younger, swore one day I would be able to write perfectly with either hand to really impress people (nobody would have cared, I realize this now).  My interest wore off. 
 I do however, us both hands to apply makeup on clients at MAC all the time.  Sometimes we are so busy and are in such tight spaces that I have to be able to switch hands to avoid people bumping my elbows while I apply mascara or things like that.
Ok so maybe it wasn't all as easy and time saving as I let on.  I am lucky I survived this one unscathed as I had very sharp tools and torture devices very close to my eyeballs.  It was like that alien abduction scene from the movie "Fire In The Sky" where they torture the dudes pupils...((shudders))
Welp, enjoy laughing at my stupidity!  See ya on the next one :)



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