Nature Walks and Natural Looks

MAC stole my look!  Well they did! Kinda...
Ok ok so they aren't particularly aware that they stole my look.  It's just, I did this uber natural makeup you see above with the goal of having a juicy nude glossy lip and natural makeup the same day I looked on my Youtube feed and saw them post this "Nude Glossy Lips" video
I get so many great tips from watching their videos though.  I wanted to make my version anyway because mine (of course) is very different from theirs not only in style but my technique was WAYyyyy less involved.  They put like, ten products on that gal just for the lips to look clear!  Cray.
I also did this video the day after the Presidential Election so I was a bit stressed out upon first getting started.  I literally rolled out of bed, showered, and turned on my lights and camera so you get such a raw version of me in this little gem!  Here is the link to the eye roller info I got from Allure for those of you who were interested.  I am addicted to eye rollers now!

Enjoy and stay positive out there folks!  These are stressful times and we need to be good to each other am I right?



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