R.I.P. Halloween and My Final Look

I missed the boat!
It turns out that you really do never get a chance to complete all of the Halloween looks you intended when you are a blogger.  I have heard pretty much every single Youtuber say that.  Most of them said they are going to start "pre-filming" for October of next year's videos in January.
Not a bad idea.
One person specifically that I follow did a video EVERY SINGLE DAY.  I put that one in all caps because holy hell that is a lot of work.  It's one thing to vlog your life every day and another to do a creative and complicated makeup tutorial daily.  That's a lot of pressure.  Her name is Jordan Hanz and you can click on her name to view her channel if you want to see it.  She is a next level makeup artist, doing special effects and things like that.  SO freaking good it makes me sick.  She inspires me  to branch out and start learning that side of the cosmetic industry.  
I can't say that I'm not a tad happy that Halloween is over though.  I was consumed in it this year in so many facets.  I was freelancing at MAC so a couple times I did some festive makeup, watched tons of tutorials of other bloggers doing special FX, posted several Halloween themed videos, decorated the house, had a pumpkin carving party, ate enough candy to puke, binge watched scary movie classics, and buckled on sobriety so I could taste a pumpkin beer again.  I don't regret it, it was delicious.

The holidays are like a tornado aren't they?  They just come blowing in, take over your house and then disappear so you are left with the sad aftermath of it all and January becomes just January.  We all have to wait for Spring for the next exciting season.  That makes me sad to be honest.  I really struggle January through March trying to stay uplifted because I get such bad cabin fever here in Seattle.
  I may get anxious and need to go on a tropical trip ASAP.

So that's it, here is my final Halloween themed video for the month of October.  I did a Peacock mask because I was really wanting to play with feathers and glitter.  This really could work for Mardi Gras and/or a masquerade so it technically can be done a few different ways!

Enjoy :)


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