Winter Wonderland in Leavenworth

I told Lyle that it looked like we were in "White Walker" country going through Steven's Pass here in Washington.  It's absolutely breathtaking.  I had to ride the whole way through the summit with the windows down on the way back so I could smell the snow.  Booger sat in my lap and we both peeked our noses out sniffing the was freezing cold but we just cranked the heat and eventually Boogie fell asleep cuddled on me with a blanket as we listened to Mastadon the whole way home.
Lyle's sister was the one who brought up the idea of this trip to the little Bavarian Village and I'm so glad she did!  When she said she was going to Leavenworth's Christmas Tree Lighting event (which attracts people from all over) to watch the town light up for the holidays we were so down.  It was so good to get some family time in with her and her man, I couldn't have thought of a better place to do that.  The streets were closed off and you could just walk down the middle of the city with carolers singing and Santa walking around free of his duties of list checking for one night.  We waited in a long line for the Munchen Haus which is the BEST place for snausages with a Bier Garden and mustard bar, mmmm delish!  We lucked out with a table that had the fire in the middle of it, even though Shelley had avoided a near disaster when the paper on her dinner caught on fire, luckily she was able to put it out swiftly before any major accidents, lol.  I imagine that happens there a lot as the fire tables were flaming so high I had to check to see my eyebrows were still on when we left, but hey, we were warm! 
  We also stopped in for some chocolates, candy apples, candles, and Christmas ornaments but most of the shops ask that you not film.  Lyle and I had a game where we each picked out ornaments for each other but couldn't see what we picked for each other until we get our tree this weekend so stay tuned!

These owls were on sale for 50% off and I made a big fuss about how absolutely hideous they were.  Lyle wanted to buy them anyway cause they made us laugh so hard I almost peed a little...
As much as I wish I was able to do a Vlogmas (Christmas videos every day until the 24th) I unfortunately must work but maybe one day I can blog full time it would be SO much fun to do. 
For now,  I will be blogging as much as possible throughout the month so you can see all of the festive goodness I get into with friends and family for the holidays!  
So enjoy this video, it is my favorite one I have ever made so keeping that in mind, I hope you laugh  and are blown away by the beauty of the PNW as much as we are on the regular.




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