An Elegant Event

We got pretty lit. 

Well OK so we had a good reason.  It was Lyle's annual work Gala this past weekend and the theme was Casino night.  It was open bar too.  Yikes!
Our anxiety tends to get to the best of us when we have to eat at large banquets with a bunch of people but I suppose we are both gluttons for punishment because this is the third time we've gone and still look forward to it every year.  It just takes a little bit of booze to loosen us up and we can usually pull it together and have a great time.

The meal was three courses with salad, Surf & Turf and two types of dessert.
 Everything was deeelish.

I put together a mood board the week before and settled on what I was going to wear on the big night.  My first choice of dress was from Military Hippie.  I saw it online and screenshot it so I could remember to order it for the Gala.  Then I ordered my red booties from DSW and paid express shipping for everything to be sure I had plenty of time to try it all on and make sure it fit.  
The dress didn't arrive and the shoes didn't get here until the day before the event.  Apparently, bad weather in the Midwest was causing some issues but regardless, DSW easily returned the shipping cost but I must say how disappointed I am with the way Military Hippie has handled the situation.   I tried to call the business and nobody answers EVER, I emailed twice and didn't hear back for days.  Finally I just got an email with tracking telling me it would arrive on Monday (late).
  I hope they can revive the current distaste I have for them at the moment.  

I had to race around Macy's on my 30 minute lunch break to find a replacement dress the night before the event.  I ended up finding this adorable baby doll dress from Free People and edited my outfit board to reflect the updated look.  Here are all of the details!
You can view more on my Polyvore profile with price listings and links.
The shoes were comfortable enough to get me through most of the night but I did have my ballet flats in my purse and put them on toward the end.  
I played roulette for what felt like hours then we had a little after party at the Comedy Club with a group of his work buddies and their wives.  We stayed til last call and realized we needed to either call a cab or figure something out.  We were both exhausted tired at that point and pretty trashed.  Luckily, the Gala was being held inside a hotel so we ended up just getting a room, both just face planting on the bed and we slept til noon.  
Waking up in a pile of soft white cotton clouds in the Hyatt was a dream come true, minus the throbbing headache and need for some breakfast ASAP.  They handed out water bottles and Tylenol on the way out, a sign that the hotel is well aware the weekends are for party goers in Bellevue.

Watch the Vlog for footage of the event and an update on my whole week on my new Vlog Channel!

Much Love!

Seanna Miriah


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