Christmas is Dead

Or at least our Christmas tree is.  Last night I took all of the ornaments off of it, untangled the lights from its' cold dead grasp and poked myself several times with all of the dried up lifeless sharp needles.  Un-decorating the tree is probably in my top 100 of least favorite things to do.

Lyle hauled it downstairs and threw it on our front porch, where it still remains.
This actually genuinely makes me very sad.  It's like, you're kind of glad the holiday madness is over but the smell of pine and the twinkle of the lights is something I could imagine enjoying all Winter and it will very much be missed. 
 I bought a Christmas tree scented candle so I am not stunned with separation anxiety.

So I mention in the video below how I wasn't sure if I wanted to do this video or not because it seems a bit weird as an adult saying "lookie what I got!" but it's actually quite entertaining so screw it!
I couldn't help but share with my Youtube fam all the neat stuff I received.  Plus, I know my mom is going to want to see it.  There's one happy viewer!  And one is enough for me.

I wanted to thank The Bonnit out of Canada for being so generous and sending a bunch of their followers free rain bonnits.  I absolutely love it and was so happy I had it when it was snowing outside on New Year's Eve a couple days ago when we walked across the street for dinner.
I also LOVE this cool coloring book my best friend got me and wanted to show it in a still image here for anyone who wants to get a better look at it.  It really is amazing artwork and I've already started on a zombie.  Coloring is so relaxing.
Can we talk about Dior Cosmetics??  
I am currently obsessed which is probably not the best new habit of mine considering their makeup costs twice as much as MAC or other top brands.  GREAT.  But I do have to say the quality is next level.  The lipstick felt like I was rubbing velvet across my lips.  The color is simply perfect and a quick blot sets this red like no other, I am just blow away.  I've heard the Dior Airflash foundation is really good so that will be my next cosmetic purchase and I (of course) will let you know how it is.
I had such a magical holiday season!
We had an amazing Thanksgiving with friends staying up late and playing Cards Against Humanity, our Leavenworth trip with Lyle's sister was in my top favorite mini vacations with my honey and my little Booger dog.  Christmas was festive with snow on the ground (not much but a little from a few days prior) and New Years was Lyle's birthday. We had originally planned on going downtown to watch the celebration from Rebecca's house but it started snowing, got late, and we were too tired to deal with going into the city.  I was so proud of my makeup I did though, even if all we did was grab dinner and a beer across the street at our local watering hole.  Then we just came home and had Champagne ringing in the New Year with a nice fire in the fireplace and cozy lazy couch hangs that ensued for two full days of nothingness.  Especially great for Lyle who works so much.  

I would like to thank each and every one of you that have been supportive of my Beauty Blogging adventures.  I will be working a bunch doing makeup the next few months but will always try to make time to do these.  It's my escape and my favorite hobby so I won't be stopping any time soon that I can say.  

Happy New Year lovelies!
 X's & O's



  1. Great video! Keep em coming! I have an idea how to hang your tapestry. I'll msg u!


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