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One of my top favorite looks is "Witchy Woman" or "Witchy Chic"
Does anyone else daydream about winning a New York shopping spree and going ham on some stores, just buying whatever you want?  Uhhh gawd that's such a fantasy of mine.

I have always dressed in themes with my outfits.  I have actually been doing that since I was able to pick out my own clothes.  I thoughtfully planned my outfits for middle and high school the day before.  I never just woke up and figured it out.  It was a process and I genuinely got butterfly excited once I settled on the final look, I would lay it out on a chair and go to bed satisfied that I had a winner. 

My failed attempt to go to Fashion School made me realize that it's not the construction of clothes that I love, it's creating the look with finely curated pieces.

So I don't have a specific style per-sey.  
I have a specific style for that days' vibe.  Weather affects it, my PMS can be a factor, needing to do laundry is a factor, and the main reason...whatever makes me look skinnier.
So here are some of my current favorite "styles" down to the makeup and hair in what I like to call, 
"Seanna's Style Round Up" or something.  
Ok so I don't know what I'm calling it yet.  But I thought it would be fun to do.

First Favorite is "Witchy Woman"

Hair:  Beach waves, effortless with my black straw hat

Accessoriess:  My monocle necklace or a black choker

Clothing:  A draped long flowing dress and a long cardigan with some chunky boots

  Lips:  A matte deep almost black plum liquid lip, straight up black, or any other wild color 

Foundation & The Rest:  The Mineralize Foundation is what I have on in the pic and I love it with this, I used the Lightful C Marine Boost under it (obsessed with how it smells btw) and the Moonstone Highlighter by Becca Cosmetics.  Any sort of eyeliner with a really thick wing, like, THICK.  It helps add to the drama.  I didn't do much eyeshadow, mostly just a matte nude like Blanc Type or Orb and just a light brown in the crease.  
LOVE this look, hands down my favorite right now for Winter.  It's cold as a witches' titty out! 
The next one is "Basic Instinct Chic" 
When I feel like looking like an expensive classy betch I do this.  It reminds me of Sharon Stone in the movie Basic Instinct.  A smart, classy, lady executive...haha, I am making myself laugh with these descriptions but I don't know any other way to express it!
The Outfit:  The shirt I have on has a knot to tie at the top and I wore a romper over it with leggings and gold plated heel boots from JustFab
Hair: Suuuper straight and I used a beauty oil to keep it sleek.  I even trimmed up my bangs so it was nice and clean
Makeup:  (All MAC) Matchmaster foundation, "Club" eyeshadow which is a soft greenish smokey grey and I took a black eye pencil and smudged it in with my fingers around the outer rim of both top and bottom lids.  I used the bright pink blush that came out with the Mariah Carey collection called "You've Got Me Feeling" and the gloss is called "Dreamy".  I also sprayed about 10 gallons of Fix Plus on so my skin looked dewy and healthy all day

 And finally my Wild Card or "Day Off Outfit" where I get to throw on some sneakers, pull up my hair in a messy doo-doo bun and slap on some lip gloss
The outfit:  I got this gigantic grey sweater at Nordstrom and it's almost like wearing a cuddly blanket.  I don't know that it's flattering and I don't care.  It even has a hood and big pockets. 
  It cost around $75 and worth every damn penny.  I live in it.
I usually grab for a white t-shirt to go underneath, preferably one that is super long in the waist so it is flouncy and relaxed, then some leggings.  My Adidas Supra Classics I got for Christmas from my sweetie pie are my favorite shoes I own.  I've only worn them a couple of times but I can't say it enough, they are the CUTEST sneakers I have ever seen.

Accessories:  GIANT MOTHER FUCKING HOOPS.  Ha!  I have been wearing hoop earrings since I was in high school.  It's kiiiind of my thing.  The older I get, the bigger they are.  When I'm 90 I will just be dragging hoop earrings the size of a baby pool.

Hair:  Messy. Ass. Bun.

Makeup:  I love a full coverage foundation like Kat Von D's Lock It.  I tried the Urban Decay All Nighter and loved the coverage but it was almost too much and made my skin break out so I returned it.  KVD's makeup doesn't do that to me and I've worn it a bunch to test that theory.
Eyes were a subtle brown smokey eye with the Morphe Koffee Palette.  These palettes are so inexpensive and the quality is great.  There are tons of coupon codes to get 10-15% off if you Google it.  I plan on getting a bunch more of their shadow palettes in the near future.
On my lips I have Candy Yum Yum by MAC and a gloss over top.  I love to grab just a clear gloss or a tingly plumping gloss when I have my comfy clothes on.  That way when I eat or drink it is easy to just re-apply and go on about my day.  
Sometimes I will also throw on some false lashes.  I know what you're thinking, "False Lashes on a relaxed day off?" and I say yes.  When I go shopping or out to get some lunch and coffee I like to have long purty lashes sometimes.  Ya feel me?
And that's it!
I really enjoyed putting this together so I want to jump on my blog and do this more often.  It literally is describing my week of what I styled for myself.  
Go to my Instagram if you want daily updates and my Youtube channel for makeup tutorials if you want more!

Thanks for stopping by :)

Sidenote:  I am not sponsored!  I am not getting paid by these brands to mention them.  
Just thought I should throw that out there.


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  3. The day off look is totally me! I commented on this post a while ago, then saw I hadn't updated my profile pic in years, more like over a decade, and deleted the post. Anyway, now that I am caught up on vids, I will now delve into your blog. Not sure why I didn't think of that sooner.


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