"The Seattle Freeze" & Resolutions

Time to get motivated even if it's January in the PNW and I want to huddle into a ball and cry.
I don't do well without the sun.  When it does work it's way through the thick clouds of doom and shines bright, I go running to the window or stand in it outside until it I feel a hint of warmth.
It's so far away, come back to us Oh Glorious One!
 So on my last video (Cabin Fever Vlog) I had mentioned the Seattle Freeze.  I was unable to properly deliver my theory to it and had a comment from a local Seattle gal who told me I had it all wrong (in a nutshell).  You can read the comments on the video if you are hell bent on the gossip (I would cause I am a curious kitten, ha!) 
Now this is a sensitive topic to those who are from here because I've noticed if you try to bring it up to them they deny it or they just go "nah it's not real".  

Defintion via Wikipedia:

The Seattle Freeze refers to a belief that it is especially difficult to make new friends (particularly for transplants from other cities) in the city of Seattle, Washington. According to KUOW radio, a 2005 Seattle Times article was the oldest reference to the term found.

It is 100% true and my base of comparison is outstanding.  I moved here from the South...
 One of the friendliest, most humble and outgoing regions of the U.S. you could imagine.
 People here have mentioned to me how it's a bunch of Trump electing knit-wit rednecks and I will say, yes that is a big part of it.  But you go to the cities that have progressed and have survived so much bullshit that you would be pleasantly surprised the amount of kindness, compassion, and understanding you will ever find...Atlanta, Asheville, Charleston, and a bunch more below the Mason-Dixon line.  You don't get Southern Charm and hospitality like that anywhere, it gets in your soul and stays there.

So I guess what I am trying to say before getting emo about the South is that I feel like the Seattle Freeze stems from the weather or at least, is regional.  When I first moved here I would just pony up to the bar and look at the person to my left or right and say "Heya Stranger!  What brings you here?!"
I got sharp confused looks for the first two years.  

Then I adapted. Dum dum dummm.  
Now I look at someone who ponys up and starts talking to me like they have a motive.  What do you want?  Are you going to annoy me?  Get lost.

 It's sad but true... and why I say the weather is the culprit as part of it is because rain is un-motivating.  Grey gloom and sluggish rain makes you want to do absolute shit let alone leave the comfort of your home.  It's like we (in my opinion, please keep that in mind) are conditioned to being hermits by default.  The less you associate with people the more self dependent you become.  
Lyle and I have built a bubble with our dog and the few friends and family we stay in touch with.  

I hate that I've become anti-social.

So our plan is to move back (closer-ish) to the city and I hope to motivate myself to go out more.
I always feel fuller in my heart, a glimmer of light when I get to laugh and enjoy the presence of others and go on adventures.

  So yeah, I guess New Years Resolution:  

Hang out with people. 
Walks in nature with people.
Coffee with people.
Thank you Wikipedia for offering your free, educational and hard working website.  You have unselfishly supplied us dumbasses with answers to our questions.  I have donated to your cause and it was worth every penny, I wish I could give more.

I want to volunteer this year and have some great ideas on how I can give back.  Lyle lost a friend today to cancer.  He threw his phone and fell against the wall.  I thought he was having a seizure...it was an awful loss of a mentor for him and I tear up just thinking about it.
 I hope to help where I can.
Me with Hannah Combs Photography 

All the love and support to friends, family, and strangers who have lost someone to it.


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