Glossybox February 2017

This entire unboxing is available to view on my Youtube channel!  
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The makeup Gods have spoken.  This is the best Glossybox EVER!

I appreciate the specialty boxes they occasionally send where there is a fancy design rather than the typical pink ones and this month's was absolutely beautiful with the flowery lid.
 For those who aren't aware, Glossybox is a monthly beauty subscription founded in Berlin back in 2011.  It costs $21 a month and you receive 5 deluxe samples every month ranging from makeup, to hair, and even nail products too.  If you watch my Youtube videos you will see me occasionally featuring some of the products I receive as a "Monthly Favorite" because after I've tried it I find myself wanting to share with my subscribers how kick ass it is.

If you subscribe to Glossybox you can also share your own personal code with your friends and if they use it, you get even more points toward a free box.  

If you decide to subscribe because of this review please use my code!!  Just click here.

 Now let's talk products this month!

Right out of the gate I am going to discuss my favorite thing.  
It's actually my favorite thing I have ever received from any beauty subscription EVER.  

The Jeanne Arthes L'Eau De Rose Parfum $26
I have been on the hunt for a rose scented perfume for ages.  I actually just got the Elizabeth & James roller-ball Nirvana rose cologne (which I do love) but wanted something even rosier.  Not too dated smelling but just the right amount of delicate rose petal.  THIS is the exact scent I have been searching for and it just landed in my lap, literally.  It also contains notes of peach and bergamot in it which, peach is my other favorite scent so this is just a win win across the board.  Jeanne Arthes is a french perfumer that has been around since 1978.  I am so happy to have this, STOKED!

Next up is the Pink Gel Coat from Perfect Formula $30
Apparently this is an item you can purchase at Sephora.  It is meant to strengthen, brighten, and protect natural nails with keratin.  This also arrived with impeccable timing since I just removed my acrylic nails and am letting my nail beds heal.  As I mention in my video, I'm currently taking Biotin vitamins with hopes of growing my hair and nails stronger and faster.  So far my hair has grown sufficiently faster in the past couple of months!
  I am excited to wear this gel coat and put it to the test.  If it works it will surely be featured in my next Favorites video.

Estee Edit by Estee Lauder, Pink Peony Overnight Water Pack $50
My curiosity is strongly growing over the new Estee edit products that are popping up lately.  According to Estee Lauder's website, it's a simplified range of products that are meant to be essentials for all things beauty.  I am still not completely sure what they mean by all that but I do like the idea of simplifying products rather than confusing us into what it is meant for.  This water-gel mask contains fruit and flower extracts (peony, blueberry, cranberry) and antioxidants.  It is said to hydrate and brighten the skin while you sleep.  I'm a sucker for an Overnight Mask.  I love the idea of giving my skin extra moisture while I sleep so this could potentially be a real winner.
I will def try this one and report back!

Eve By Eve's Radiant Glow Cream Blush $19
I have heard some great things about Eve by Eves by another blogger.  This is a more high end brand offering not just cosmetics but also sleepwear and regular clothing too.
This pink cream blush is pretty adorable.  I picture doing a really delicate pinky glowy cheek with it in the Spring, a nice touch when the tulips start to bloom and the mohawked Blue Jays that regular our place go nuts chirping outside my window in the berry bushes again. 
It swiped on so buttery and has a nice shiny kick to it.  LOVE.  Simply love it.

Schwarzkopf Professional Moisture Kick Beauty Balm $15
Everything I got so far had beautiful this was like "meh" at first glance but still a very useful product.  It's basically a balm you apply to towel dried hair to add some moisture to it before letting it completely dry or if you intend on using heated styling tools afterward.  I really look forward to trying this out and wish I had this earlier when I washed and styled my hair!  
It would have been perfect.

So that's it!  A nice little review of this month's Glossybox.  

I can't say enough good things about it.  Go watch the live unboxing here if you fancy a bit more of a first impression of each product.

 Thanks for visiting!


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