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What a magical birthday!  
I am so glad that when you get older the importance of how you spend your birthday is all about how your mood is, not where you had it, how much money was spent, and how many of your friends show up.  The best way to enjoy it (in my humble opinion) it to stay relaxed and have no expectations. 
 No matter what minor thing happened it was a fond moment, even something as simple as a really pretty bathroom sign.
I told Lyle that all I wanted to do was go to Edmonds, WA with him and walk along the ocean shore and get fun pictures, maybe go get some food somewhere yummy.  
Very Pisces of me.  Take me to the water!

Our first stop was Anthony's Beach Cafe down by the Ferry terminal where you can see the boats coming in.  
We lucked out and got clear skies and warm sunlight while we sat at the bar and had gin martinis to watch the sunset.  The bartender and Lyle hit it off talking about basketball and when I was in the bathroom they surprised me with a birthday dessert.
He said there were three ingredients, try to guess.
I took one sip and said,
"White Chocolate Godiva liquor, Chambord, and a flavored vodka, like cherry?"
He said, "WOW that's an excellent guess!! It's vanilla vodka but you got the rest right, well done!"
I hate saying to another bartender, "Well, I've been bartending for 13 years" cause it just sounds pompous.  I shyly said, I've bartended awhile you could say. 
We walked down the steps from the restaurant which leads straight to the docks and beach. The sky was in an epic moment of magic hour which I wanted to catch. 
 It truly is the best lighting for photographs.  
We had fun playing by the beach with all the weird statues and such.  This is by far the ugliest statue I've ever seen but it had a quirky way about it that was undeniably adorable.  I mean, what's up with square mouth guy?  There has got to be a great story behind this thing.
Most awkward pose of all time.  Looking like a natural weirdo!

A bit about my outfit.
I'm wearing this flowery embroidered tulle skirt from Love
I was searching for something that looked like Spring and when I saw it was marked down from $50 to $10 I snagged that bitch up like it was nobody's business.
The short one is sold out but the long one is still available here for a brief time.
I paired it with a black long sleeve button up H&M shirt.  The weather was just warm enough that I could get away with not wearing a coat.  
 I had my Betsey Johnson raincoat in the car but we were blessed with magic skies. 
I wore black leggings and my new XOXO knee high boots from Macy's and just slapped on my black backpack for convenience and comfort.  I love chic backpacks for adventurous trips.  

Dinner was at a place called Salt & Iron.  It's located in Edmonds' cute little downtown area with mom and pop shops and thrifty goodness.  As soon as you sit down they give you homemade potato chips and aioli, a restaurant straight after my own heart.
As some of you may know who watch my vlogs or Snapchat you know I try to cook vegetarian as much as possible at home but when special occasions arise all bets are off.  I like to be able to try anything I want if it's made well.
We split the risotto, brussel sprouts, and mushrooms.  Lyle got rack of lamb and I always like to get Filet when I am at a fancy restaurant.  
Melt in your mouth yum (especially right before my period, TMI?)
I really enjoy rose', it's pink and pretty to look at but not too sweet.  Hey kinda like me!  Haha, kidding, I'm very sweet with a dash of bitter.  Ha!  I never realized you could describe a woman with wine tasting.

Lyle got an IPA, his fav. 
I think he looks SO sexy, I love a rugged man.  He has a lot of Irish in him so his beard will start to look red as it grows longer.  SO FRIGGIN' CUTE!
The Gifts!
There is a quote from the movie "My Cousin Vinny" where Marisa Tomei says, "Ya nevuh buy me floweeehhs" in her cute New Yorker accent so I say it to Lyle all the time.  He is romantic in a lot of ways but when it comes to flowers he feels it's a waste of money cause they die so quickly.  So I was shocked to see he had brought a bouquet of these gorgeous mums!

 He also got me some chocolates, a Nordstrom gift card, and a Lapel Microphone for my videos!!
 I can't wait to use it.

He loves to buy me a nice bottle of booze too.  My stocking this past Christmas was an entire bottle of fancy red wine, nothing else fit in the stocking (cry laugh emoji)!  I have loved gin since I was in my early twenties and it has remained my go-to since.  This looks like it might make an outstanding dirty martini!

This autographed picture from Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz brought me to tears.  I literally cried.
My dad has been hanging on to this thing for a long time, having it passed down from his mom, where she got it from her mom.  My great grandmother used to work at DesiLu Productions as a phone operator.  I am such a humongous fan of Lucy, I have a tribute tattoo to her on my leg.  I feel a connection to her that is indescribable, even talking to her in my prayers from time to time (ok I know that sounds SUPER cheesy).  I just love her. 
 So receiving this family heirloom from my pop was one of the nicest gifts I've ever received. 
 I am forever grateful.
I've never told my dad and his wife that I collect cute coffee mugs but look at this!
The prettiest pare of mugs I own to date.  They even came in a reusable box, I will have to get creative as to how the box will be displayed in our home.  

And last but certainly not least, my best friend Emily gave me an incredibly generous amount of cosmetics from Mary Kay.  I remember her asking me what I would like from their website (her sister is a Mary Kay rep) and I named off a few things I typically like to use.  I had no idea she was sending this much!  I have only had a chance to try the foot and leg minty lotion before bed last night but I can't wait to use them in my beauty videos and share with my subscribers!
So that's it!
Thanks to everyone who called, texted, sent videos singing Happy Birthday (Taia and Costa) and tagged me in pics, and especially to the love of my life, Lyle for showing me such a good time.

Please be sure to watch the video with some behind the scenes birthday goodness and thanks for visiting!

All The Love,



  1. What an awesome day! Good food, good decent weather, hunky guy...what more could you ask for? Love all the loot you got! I'm so happy you enjoyed your day Seanna. Happy birthday!!


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