Let's Talk About Organizing Eyeshadows

I treasure these things with such pride.  I have maybe a few that already came as a single shadow made for palettes and the rest were inside the traditional MAC packaging.  
When I used to work from home for Nordstrom sometimes there was a lot of downtime and I literally sat there over a couple of days between calls and "de-potted" all of my eyeshadows.
 I have nearly 100 of them.  I don't even think that is that many, am I crazy?  Next time you call Nordy with a question regarding your package, just picture me at my beauty desk behind two big screen computer monitors in my sweat pants holding an eyeshadow over an open flame.
I actually did a video on my Youtube channel awhile back of how I do this if you are interested.
 It will be linked below.
It involves fire, tweezers, and patience...

I wanted to list the colors I have with a brief description for those who are wanting to order them online or have questions as to how to arrange them in a palette.  A lot of them are limited edition or (LE) so apologizes if you like the look of it.  I guarantee you there is a dupe for it somewhere out there though.

The singles cost $16 each but I get most of mine for free because of the Back To MAC recycling program where you get a free eyeshadow, lipstick, or gloss at any free standing MAC store when you bring in 6 empty containers of theirs.  I usually get eyeshadows so I can just depot it and use if for recycling and the cycle continues.

Just for kicks I named them with a kind of theme to make them more appealing.  I really need to be sure to branch out to some of the more unused ones.  I mean, LOOK at that yellow down there!
It's fantabulous.
(going from left to right per row)
Top Row-
Knight Divine:  black with silver pearl flakes (veluxe pearl)
Firecracker:  coral red with pearl flakes (veluxe pearl, limited edition)
Orb:  peachy nude (satin)
Coppering:  coppery orange (veluxe pearl)
Shadowy Lady:  blackened plum (matte)

Second Row Left to Right-
Goldenrod:  bright yellow (matte, discontinued)
Embark:  reddish brown (matte)
Sand & Sun:  peach (matte)
Humid:  green with shimmer (frost)
Gazzette Grey:  greyish green (velvet)

Row Three Left to Right-
Typographic:  soft black/deep grey (matte)
Red Brick:  Redish orange (matte)
Evening Aura:  peachy orange, gold (veluxe pearl)
Bold & Brazen:  soft bronzey peach (starflash)
Ricepaper:  peachy gold with shimmer (frost)
Top Row-
Orb:  peachy nude/beige (matte)
Phloof!:  off white (frost)
Brule: creamy beige (satin)
Bamboo:  peachy beige (satin)
I'm Into It:  dark red brown (matte)

Second Row-
Embark:  deep red brown (matte)
Woodwinked: antiqued gold (veluxe pearl)
Bowl Out:  grey brown (matte, limted edition)
Glamour Check:  deep red brown with sprakle (starflash)
Typographic: slate deep grey (matte)

Third Row:
Nylon:  pale shimmery gold (frost)
Mythology: copper penny (lustre) 
Soft Brown: peachy brown (matte)
Brown Down:  teddy bear brown (veluxe)
Blanc Type: soft nude, creamy beige (matte squared, so buttery!)
Row One-
Orb: peachy nude (matte)
Plumage:  peacock blue, green (matte)
Scene: blue grey (satin)
Signed Sealed:  deep purple plum (matte, LE)
Memorabilia: purple grey (matte, LE)

Row Two-
Purple Shower:  purple pink (satin, LE)
Love Lace: smokey blue (veluxe pearl, LE)
Aquadisiac:  seafoam green (lustre, LE)
Of Summer:  light purple pink (satin, LE)
Vibrant Grape: bright grape purple (satin, LE)

Row Three-
Blackberry: plum brown (matte)
Tilt:  blue green pearl (frost)
Birds & Berries:  shimmery deep blue green (veluxe pearl, LE)
Pincurl:  moon white with purple pink iridescence (frost, LE)
Hepcat:  shimmery pinky purple (frost, LE)
Row One-
Print: smokey grey (satin)
Haux: rosy brown (satin)
Love Lace:  shimmery blue grey (veluxe pearl, LE)
Black Tied:  black with silver sparkle (velvet)
Knight Divine: black and silver pearl (veluxe pearl)

Row Two-
Electra: sparkley silver (frost, LE)
Hypnotizing:  antiqued bronze (frost, LE)
Graphology:  deep plum black (matte, LE)
Beauty Marked: black with purple sparkle (velvet)
Blanc Type:  powdery nude (matte x2

Row Three-
Nylon:  pale shimmery gold (frost)
Free To Be:  deep peachy coral (sticker is worn, LE)
Deep Shade:  dark blue shimmer (frost, LE)
Club: dark green with reddish pearl (satin)
Greensmoke:  tarnished olive green (lustre)
Row One-
Dear Cupcake:  pinky peach (satin, LE)
Sunny Spot: lemon yellow (matte, LE)
Winkle: periwinkle blue (matte, LE)
Violet Trance:  bright purple (matte, LE)
Newly Minted:  bright mint green (matte x2, LE)

Row Two-
Sushi Flower:  Coral pink shimmer (satin)
Gorgeous Gold:  muted yellow gold (veluxe pearl)
Freshwater: vibrant blue shimmer (veluxe pearl, LE)
Parfait Amour:  blue violet with shimmer (frost)
Steamy: blue green with gold shimmer (frost)

Row Three-
Vex:  Beige with pinky green shimmer (frost)
Carbon:  intense black (matte)
Suave Intentions:  Baby Blue with shimmer (veluxe pearl)
Stars N Rockets:  purple with pink pearl (veluxe pearl)
Soft Force:  custard yellow shimmer (veluxe pearl)

The most common browns used for brows and a couple brow highlights, a must for makeup artists!

Row One-
Wedge: soft taupe (matte)
Era:  soft golden beige with shimmer (satin)
Quarry:  Plum brown (matte)
Brown Down:  teddy bear brown (veluxe)
Modelette:  orangey brown (satin, LE)

Row Two-
Warming Trend:  shimmery taupe (veluxe pearl, LE)
Copperplate:  grey brown (matte x2, LE)
Mystery:  orangey teddy bear brown (satin, LE)
Copperplate (again for back up):  matte x2
Charcoal Brown: taupe brown (matte)

Row Three-
Brun:  blackish brown (satin)
Handwritten:  swiss chocolate brown (matte x2, LE)
???? This one has no name, sicker is gone :(
Corduroy:  reddish brown (matte)
Coquette:  grey taupe (satin)

PHEW!  That tooks hours to do, I am pooped!

Hope it's a helpful look into a good handful of MAC eyeshadows and how to organize them into a palette.  Go watch the video if you want to see how to de-pot your own!
(sidenote: I blab on for about 4-5 mns in the beginning, feel free to jump through!)


  1. THANK YOU! This gives me a guide on how I might want to do my palettes. I need to get palettes now. I have the old, large one, and the double sided one. I see lots of colors I need :) I love the Go-to palette!!


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