A Week through the eyes of an MUA

I realize sometimes it's easier to read a blog then commit the time to watching a
 beauty video, or hell, maybe you can dig into both!  The video will be posted below of all the gratis I recently received from work.

This has been a very exciting week in cosmetics for me!  First off, a friend got married last weekend and I was one of the lucky few who got to be in the courthouse when they exchanged their vows and were officially wed.  I did the hair and makeup and had such a fun time documenting and vlogging the day for Heather.  She wanted a seafoam green/teal eyeshadow look with a lot of drama to match her beautiful freshly dyed mermaid hair.  I have a bunch more weddings this summer and am looking forward to seeing how each bride is different and elegant in their own way! 
(Not all of them are into social media so I will only be sharing those who seem OK with it)
I also drove to Tacoma, Washington this week for cosmetics training with four of the eight brands we carry in Macy's Impulse department.  Smashbox, Urban Decay, Benefit, and Tarte cosmetics were all there to educate us on their brand and the latest product launches.  I look forward to more of these, not only just for all the free products we received (which I flipped out like it was an Oprah favorite things episode) but really the hands on learning experience and perspective of artists who travel regularly and have a lot of knowledge in the industry.
 Smashbox gave an abundant amount of Gratis and I mean A-bun-dant!  
Such a generous company I tell ya.
All brands brought snacks.  Actually all but Urban Decay.   Womp womp, haha.  
Urban don't care about nobodies bellies *snaps fingers*   

We discussed how the company was formed though which I found really interesting.  The owner used to be bullied a lot, she drew inspiration for the brand from ugly pretty.  Like a broken down metal staircase outside of a NY apartment building.  The rainbow in an oil slick or vacant buildings growing ivy.
  You get it right?  I thought that was neat.

Benefit won me over with their personalities plus they brought Krispy Kreme doughnuts with sprinkles...a company after my own heart.  If it had been cupcakes I would have lost my head.
I tried a lot of new products recently and woke up on Saturday with a swollen eye.  It's probably completely unrelated but I haven't worn lashes this week for good measure.  I honestly think something bit me in my sleep.  I was terrified when I woke up.  I looked in the mirror and saw Igor looking back at me...
Urban Decay gave us Vice liquid lipsticks in the color 1993 and it paired nicely with my most recently purchased tanning kit from St. Tropez which you can totes tell I've got on here.  I love my makeup on this day...fresh and simple with clean bushy brows.  Into it. 
I will be doing a favorites update soon and discuss how I used the tanning product in fuller detail on my Youtube channel and/or blog.
These Enchanted Rose brushes are on my wishlist at the moment.  It's SO HARD to not spend every dollar I have on beauty products but I have to restrain myself sometimes, especially when I get so many perks from work but COME ON!  Look at these beauties.

 I'm still pressing on my nails and actually I'm still using the same kit I purchased over a month ago.    They last me over a week with only needing to fix maybe one or two in between. 

 I have no shame when one goes missing and I have to dig around for it...yes this happens in front of people.  Don't care. 
 I keep glue in my purse for good measure.  
Here I did a little flower design inspired by my favorite pillow.
And last but not least, a very good cause!
Cosmetics don't have to hurt innocent creatures.  We don't HAVE to test on animals.  Humans have the technology and knowledge to find alternatives in how we sell products.  Large corporations insist on selling in countries that require animals are tortured, poked, prodded, and locked away without relief from the pain or any hope to an end for the sake of making us look pretty. These are the same companies that send influencers on lavish vacations to help promote their product but they somehow don't have the funds to make a change?  Doesn't add up.

 It is inhumane and I can't believe it's still legal.  Come on US. 

It takes just a few seconds to sign this petition to help stand up against animal testing and bring it to an end.

Hopefully we can all band together and make a difference for those who can't speak for themselves.
or type in foreveragainstanimaltesting.com in your browser and sign.

Thanks for visiting!!
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