EGG-cellent Breakfast Ideas for Budgets

I've deduced that I am capable of making breakfast from anything in the fridge as long as I have eggs.

If I think about what an egg is for too long I am so incredibly disgusted and that's usually the moment I switch to tofu for awhile until I get the egg icks out of my system.  When I picture a chicken pushing this white thing out of its vagine', I make that "who farted" face instantly.  

But I always come back to them because let's be real, it's a great protein that can be transformed into so many wonderful foods from birthday cakes, to pastries, noodles, to delicately boiled ovals placed in a fancy ass cup for you to smack with a spoon and let ooze out.
Ohhhh and I forgot creme' brulee, I friggin' love creme' brulee.

So let's get to the part where I share some of my breakfast ideas I've come up with over time.  I always save a little bit from dinner so I have something the next morning.  If I cut up bell peppers I always save a few dices for an omelet.  If I have an herb I always set aside some for an aioli.  

I've been collecting these pics for awhile, wanting to share some inspo for those who may have gotten "breaky boredom".  
It's my fav meal of the day!  Mostly because I skip lunch so it's really brunch.
From a leftover Blue Cheese Veggie Burger night on a Game of Thrones Sunday.  
I used half the avocado and saved the second half to have for breakfast another day.
The eggs have been poached in boiling water with a dash of vinegar keeping them in check while cooking.  We had some blue cheese left over that I sprinkled on top and my recent favorite, beans with Parmesan.  It's completely random, nobody taught me this magical duo as such great compliments to each other but I love it.

When the poached eggs are broken open the yolk blends with the bread, avocado, and blue cheese so nicely it had me scraping the plate.
I've done this with goat cheese and Caesar dressing as well.  Improvising is fun!
  From a leftover taco night, I made an open faced scramble.
I whipped up two eggs, layered on diced tomatoes, on toasted wheat bread.  Then with some cilantro and sour cream mixed it into a dressing with some seasonings like harissa and garlic salt.  Topped it with a little sprinkle of Tajin and boom.  Creamy, tangy, salty, yums.  I was pretty surprised myself when I took a bite, patting myself on the back...Seanna not too shabby.

Leftovers from burger night #2, Breakfast Salads rule!
This is the other half of an avocado on top of lettuce we used for burgers and some of the veggies too.  I had some almonds in a bag that I crushed down a bit and a sprinkle of wheat germ (I like to add any healthy bits I have laying around for good measure) then diced up a hard boiled egg.  
This also has some of the blue cheese and a bit of Caesar dressing.
Three meals out of one burger night, not too shabby.

The traditional breakfast will forever and always be nostalgic for me.  My mom was on the rescue squad growing up and she was the cook in the house so whenever she would get a call my dad would be responsible for dinner which meant waffles and scrambled eggs.  I always got so excited for dad's "breakfast for dinner" nights.  It's all he knew how to make at the time!  Now he is the grill master btw.  He can grill anything.
Those frozen waffles and some sausage or bacon will last you like, five breakfasts or more.  This isn't something I eat often just because I try to refrain from eating meat in the mornings however, Sunday brunch at home can be fun sometimes.  I usually prefer veggie sausage by Morningstar too.
When you literally only have these items left in the fridge
I had a small handful of fries and some string bean leftovers so I did my signature open faced sandwich with an over-easy egg on top of lightly mashed avocado mixed with Tajin.
Again, I threw in some dressing or if I don't have that I mix sour cream and seasonings.
I figure if I don't have fresh potatoes in the house to made hash browns then what difference does it make what shape the potato is in??
Well that's it!

It's our 6 year anniversary today but I worked a 10 hour work shift.  
Lyle is out at the tattoo convention and I came home and blogged.
Story of my life!  
I work on this so hard I hope you guys appreciate it and enjoy it.

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