Predicting Fall Makeup Trends

Let me see.  I simply must press my fingers to my temples and let the Autumn trends speak to me through ethereal vibrations...ohhhhmmm  ohhhhhmmm, Oh OH mah gosh I'm getting something.  I see pumpkin spice lattes burning my tongue cause I didn't wait for it to cool off,  I see boots getting dusted off and put back into the front of my closet, I see pho' getting slurped on a rainy day in an oversized sweater watching all the Harry Potter movies!  Oh this is good stuff.  Now let me tap into my beauty psyche.  Ohhhm dahhhla  Ohhhm dahhla hiiii.  

Ok ok I will stop.  I do actually think that I have some tapped in predictive qualities though.  Only because I follow the beauty industry so closely, I get gut feelings about what we will see with the top influencers like celebrities, magazines, and we all know that little outlet called, Youtube.   I always yell, "I knew it!" When I see something pop up as featured in a mag.

SO here's what I predict.
To some, black lipstick might be a year round go-to but, for me, I usually save my darker shades for Fall so I have even more to get excited about the moment that first leaf hits the ground.  I see black lipstick making a huge statement this season, either speaking for itself or transformed.  I recently purchased this NYX Liquid Suede in the color "Alien" which is a liquid matte black. I also got the matching liner in case I needed it but so far the pigmentation is nice enough that one coat does the trick so you can over line your lip with the doe foot alone.  I also see doing a lot of ombre' looks with it.  Black with purple blended into the center.  Even a fun color like green dabbed over it or using the glitter transforming lip products that have started making their debut at the end of the summer with brands like Kat Von D's Everlasting Glimmer Veil.  A blanket of glittery goodness, "Wizard" would look great over a black lip.
For eyes, dueling tones blended into smokey playful looks are what's up.  Take two colors that compliment each other, using one in the crease and the other dabbed on the lid.  Here I took a deep plum and blended it into the crease back and forth until it got softer and softer the further it goes out.   I wet a makeup brush and dabbed an army green metallic eyeshadow over top.  Here I used Urban Decay "Chainz" but any army green metallic would work.  I popped on some mascara and lashes (no liner this time) and got this pretty but not too harsh smokey eye that I felt looked super Autumnal and dreamy. 
The trick to finding two tones for this trend would be observing a color wheel.  As you can see here, green and plum are on opposites of the color wheel so they compliment each other nicely!  You can keep in mind the yellows can be golden eyeshadows which are a lot easier to find and most of us have several choices in our palettes.  Blues don't have to be that literal color.  Consider the seafoams and pair that with a deep brown-orange in the crease.  The Urban Decay Naked Heat palette would be a great one to use for all the oranges and golds.

Playing around with this color theory and experimenting is a great trick to coming up with your own unique ideas and don't we all have a little trend setter inside of us?
For skin this season, I forsee blushes with built in highlights like the Milani Baked Blushes to give a soft glow.  Maybe for a moment, opt out of that stripe of light across the cheekbone with excessive highlighting.  Don't get me wrong I love my glow but for now, the focus can be more on a statement lip or eye so less time is spent contouring and highlighting.  Maybe even take a matte blush and mix the same brush in your highlight to make your own custom built in shimmer cheek!
 I even stopped contouring my nose for the time being.  Quick easy flawless skin.

You can watch the video on how I got this look here:

Enjoy your cozy nights in with Netflix and I will see you in my next video!

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