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I signed up for Influenster because of the beauty perks so I totally forgot I clicked the healthy food option on my profile when signing up.  When I got an email asking if I'd review this simmer sauce, I thought "Heck Yeah I would!"  I love to cook and I am all about some sauce.  It isn't my usual beauty topic videos on Youtube but I loved the idea of cooking with my subscribers and sharing what I made.  Is it weird that I like to know what people eat?  It's probably my favorite part of a vlog, is when someone shares what they made for breakfast.  Perhaps, it's because I like to get inspiration from others.  Hope you guys enjoy this!

My Honest Review

There are a few different sauce flavors but the one I got was the mushroom sauce.  My fiance', Lyle, was actually the one who opened the box and went "Aww man, I was hoping for the Sweet & Sour" ha.  I was secretly hoping for mushroom so yay for me!  I didn't think he'd end up eating this dinner with me since he didn't seem too keen on it.
 I waited to make this video when I knew he'd be home late and I could have it all to myself. 

I made this with some zucchini and chicken then poured the sauce over top and sauteed it up, spooning it over mashed potatoes.  I also made a big healthy salad with roasted beets and a homemade vinegarette.

Lyle ended up coming home right when I was finishing up and started stealing bites.  I ended up having to make him a plate too, he loved it.
I would compare the flavor to a better tasting cream-of-mushroom soup which made me think how delish it would be poured over green beans and topped with some crunchy onions this Thanksgiving.
The fact that it's organic is a big bonus in my book.
I also like the easy open pouch!

My rating on this is 5 stars (comparing it to other products like it).  I would choose these sauces over their competitors.  The others that I've tried make my stomach hurt for some reason, maybe all the MSG or whatever but this was light on my tummy and not too rich and again, probably because it's made with organic ingredients.  I checked out their website and they have a lot of information regarding how their products are made and some mentions of organic farming.  Me likey.

This is available for purchase at Target and they run about $2.59 per pouch.

So thank you to Seeds of Change and Influenster for sending this to me for a review!  I had a lot of fun making the review video on Youtube with my own little comical spin on it.  
You can watch it here!

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