Bohemian Witchy Photoshoot

Farmland Fun

Got to hang out with some creative and super rad ladies yesterday doing this collab on a photo shoot.  I am used to being in front of the camera or doing the hair and makeup so this was so different for me but really cool! 

This time I got to put my amateur photography and editing to the test.  
How did I do for my first time?  Apparently my style is 1970's Bohemian Witch chic, ha.

The MUA/hair/styling/horse wrangler is my friend/co-worker Lis who's an esthetician.  

The model, Elissa, is a fellow makeup artist too and amazing painter!

  This is what happens when a few beauty industry girls who are all artsy fartsy get together.
Lis lives on a farm and cares for these senior horses so they were so sweet and gentle 

Elissa is a natural at looking naturally beautiful so my job was easy!

We plan on doing a lot more of these so stay tuned for more this summer.

Thanks to the ladies for having me be a part of this fun day and thank you to the readers for supporting my blog and popping by.  Be sure to comment below if you are new and say hi!

Watch the YouTube video of a little behind-the-scenes 

X's & O's


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