Happy End of Summer!

I have some fun favorite things to share this week.
Hope you enjoy-
E S C A P I N G     R E A L I T Y
Gotta be honest, I have been selfishly reserving all of my free time for gaming this week.
It's been a few years now that I've worked shifts with my day job then switched to editing videos for Youtube and working on my brand at night and my days off. 
When the weather starts to cool down and feel all..."fall-y" I start to nostalgically crave escaping into a mystical world of swords and magic.

If you want to delve into a land of sand dunes, ancient tombs, and flying through the eyes of a falcon you might like to play Assassin's Creed Origins.
It's freaking entertaining as all get out.
I put this at the top of the list of my favorite things because as I write this blog, I am thinking about playing the game.  
It's all I think about!

The message here is, be sure you set aside me-time for yourself and do things that make you happy.
F L O W E R  P O W E R
I say to myself, I will have a bouquet in rotation at all times on this table and
I keep it up for maybe a couple weeks if that.

In a perfect world, this table would always have seasonal festive flowers adorning it for me to gawk at.
So this time I'm going to stick to it because the simplest things really can make all the difference.
Just a little pop of color, floral fragrance, and a candle burning can ignite such a happy mood in the room.

I get mine from all over, sometimes from the gals that sell them out of their car on the curb down the street, or from the grocery store, or from my yard if it's bluebell season.
Regardless, I highly recommend at least splurging on that $5 bouquet section at Trader Joe's and get yourself some flowers to enjoy every now and again.
You will be glad you did.
H O M E    H O T E L    B E D
 Most of my adult life I have had bedding from Ikea.  
Not that it's a bad thing, but splurging on something a notch up from that is definitely worth it in the long run. 

We were long overdue for new bedding.
Everything we've gotten from Wayfair (so far) has been absolute garbage...literally like, we've thrown it away.  The last "bed in a bag" set that we got became useless after it was washed.  The filling did that thing where it balls up on one side of the comforter and wouldn't lay even or flatten out.

I told my husband that the thought of pulling our old cold-weather bedding out for the seasonal switch made me depressed. So I popped out to TJ Maxx and Target to see what I could find.  The goal was no more bed sets but moving more toward a quality comforter with a duvet that can be changed out easier when I want something new.
I found a Calvin Klein comforter that is so luxe and well made, it even makes that crinkly sound when you move it around.  Then I saw this Tommy Hilfiger duvet cover in cream and khaki tones that had a retail price tag at over $300, it feels like soft linen.  
Then, we went for sheets from Target in a cozy clean white.
I already had these antique rose pink velvet pillows and I want to go back for an oversized faux fur throw.
I loved the quality of the duvet, with little details like the button closures to keep the pillows from sliding out. 

It feels like a fancy hotel stay every night we sleep in it.  
This has been a goal of mine in our home decorating for so long!
I look forward to bed even more than I already did.
D U M P L I N G S   A N D   S P I C E
My homemade creamer flavor this month was Pumpkin Spice.
I had to play around to get the flavors just right and the pumpkin is heavier than the creamer so it sinks to the bottom.  I think next time I will look for an all-natural pumpkin syrup or double strain it.  I did strain it the first go-round and it's still too heavy.  
I just have to shake it up before I pour it in my coffee.

My Keurig takes K-Cup coffee pods but I don't love the idea of staining my coffee through plastic so I opt for an environmentally friendly, wire reusable capsule that I fill with coffee I grind at home.  The freshest of the fresh.

Don't worry, for those of you who've asked how I make these homemade creamers, I have a collection of recipes I plan to post here once I get them all perfected!

Four words.
Din Tai Fung dumplings.
When we went to the Seattle Tattoo Expo, we met up with a couple friends of ours and they were raving about this dumpling place.  We hopped on the monorail by the Space Needle and coasted into downtown Seattle to head over to Din Tai Fung.
I had seen this place several times but never went in.

As you walk up, there's a spot where you see a handful of chefs making the dumplings.
The windows inside are floor to ceiling and you can see a good view of downtown Seattle.
This would be an ideal place to take your family if they're visiting the city for the first time.

You choose your filling whether meat or vegetarian then the cute little dumplings come out in a bamboo steamer.  They give you small dishes for your dipping sauce.
The idea is to poke the top before you eat it because of the soup broth that is encased inside with the filling, causing steam.  
Otherwise, you might get a hot pocket of soup bursting into your mouth, freaking OUCH.
I have officially become a dumpling lover.
I want ALL the dumplings this Autumn.

S T Y L E  T I M E
 I have always loved the mix of thrift with expensive pieces.
For example, this BCBG blue thrifted purse, thrifty "Husband button-up dress shirt", and H&M shoes, but paired with Good American jeans, jewelry from Tiffany's and blue mirrored Ray-Bans Lyle got me from Neiman Marcus.
My favorite place to shop fragrance is hands down Sephora.
They have the "Clean" fragrance section which I find to be less strong and invasive to wear.
Something I've always felt about perfume, no matter the price, is it smells like you're trying too hard if it overtakes a room.  A soft whiff should be enough.  The clean/all-natural fragrances always go on softer and they seem to have more unique note ranges that I like.

The Ellis Brooklyn line has wonderful fragrances and I fell in love with Myth.
The notes are jasmine, musks, white cedarwood, and tiger orchid.
I find it to be clean, feminine but earthy and just the right amount of fragrance to spritz in my hair without it entering a room before I do.
It's a skill to take luxury pieces and gracefully put them on with something that costs a dollar.  
Throw in a little touch of these DIY Swarovski nails and I looked put together, a tad chic if you will, but casual.  Perfect for an evening out with my Step Mother-In-Law who was staying over with us for a brief visit.  We took her to Chamber's Bay where the views are breathtaking, walked the dogs down to the waterfront then doubled back to sit out on the patio at the Golf Course restaurant for some chowder and salad to watch the sunset.
We got lucky with a warm day but in the evening, the air had that crisp freshness of the end of summer feels and the sunset was vibrant bright orange.
Ever so gracious to the Olympic Mountains for their beauty at sunset.
Boy O' Boy, do I love you, Pacific Northwest.

Thanks for stopping in.

X's & O's
-Seanna Miriah
The Gentle Thrifter


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