Today, I proved to myself three things.

A. I have officially become a Pacific Northwesterner and it's reflecting in every aspect of my life including the inspiration for this makeup.
B. I can film, edit, upload a video, and write a blog all in one day with a migraine I've had for three days.  Just, confirmation I can get shit done on time if I had a deadline.
C.  I truly do love what I do and I hope it inspires creativity in cosmetics.

This was such a fun one to do.

I had the windows open in the beauty studio from both sides of the house, so the breeze came across in waves.  It was gray and cloudy out, a nod to my PNW tribute today.

  There's the biggest evergreen tree in our backyard so it was my muse as it swayed back and forth while I listened to old Mazzy Star albums.  The latest episode of The Handmaids Tale (I cried) ended with Into Dust and it couldn't have been a more perfect song to trigger this mood.

I also watched a couple of Youtube videos from different artists showing how they draw trees like this one from Lethal Chris on Youtube.
I highly recommend to anyone who is looking for help when getting creative, to explore other artists and take from that what speaks to you.  
Just don't forget to give credit where credit is due.
Nothing is more frustrating than stolen creations from people who put their heart into their art.
Ohhh a rhyme.

When I'm just playing with an idea, I don't focus too hard on the end result.
 I just try to relax my thoughts, take a deep breath, and let my hand do the work.
I feel like if I overthink it, it comes out overworked or messy from using too many products.  
That's probably why I don't love the idea of working under pressure, on the spot, or with a bunch of other people.  
I need my space to zone out.
Sometimes I love my makeup so much I get bummed to wash it off at the end of the day.

I want to thank all of you who voted I do an "Avant-Garde" artistically free video.  I took a poll on my Instagram Stories and it was 50/50 doing this one and the "10 (makeup) Mistakes YouTubers Taught Me" which will be coming up.

If anyone wants to see more videos like this be sure to give it a thumbs up so I know you guys like these kinds of things!

Til next time,
X's & O's


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