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Welcome to a little spot where I talk about some of my favorite moments from the past week.
A sort of, curated magazine consisting of things I love, learned, and tasted.

I'm broadcasting from my little corner of the planet here in the Pacific Northwest.  
Feel free to take whatever inspo from this you might find! 🌲


The first thing I wanted to share is HOLY SHIT banana bread.
I know, I know, I'm starting off so strong here. 
 I used to flippin' hate banana bread.  In fact when I was younger, I hated all desserts that were disguised as healthy foods.  I mean if I wanted a banana, I'd EAT a banana.  
You couldn't fool this sugar fiend!

But here's the thing... as an adult your taste buds shift, your stomach can't handle junk as easily, and you're always looking for ways to save money.  This is where banana bread comes in.  I had two bananas that were browning and I wanted to make sure they didn't go to waste.  We hadn't gone grocery shopping that week and I needed something for breakfast the next few days.  I had limited ingredients in the pantry so I searched banana bread and realized it's incredibly easy and cheap to make.  Most ingredients are already in every cupboard like, flour, eggs, butter...well if you cook often anyway.  Here is the recipe I followed and it was SO freaking easy I can't even tell you. 

I put my own spin on it by adding a brown sugar crust on top.

In the mornin',  I smeared it with butter and it went perfect with coffee.  
BUT! I highly advise against eating it in the car.

I was balancing my bread on a napkin in my lap.  When I got to a red light I held a plastic knife in one hand and the bread in the other, trying to smear butter on it before the light went green.  I drive a manual transmission, mind you.  I ended up stamping my gear with sugar butter which became slippery and I was dropping crumbs everywhere.

  It also kept falling down my shirt into my bra.  
It's just a messy "car snack" period.
Don't do it.


"Sissy", our teacup shih-tzu, turned 7 months old and is officially the size we think she will stay.  Her fur adds nearly half her body weight and we joke she looks like a miniature Yak.  We still don't know what to name her officially.  Her tag says Ellie Mae but we never call her that and she would never answer to it either.  We call her Tissy, Sissy, Tiss, Otis, but never Ellie. 
 Looks like we may need to change her tag!
She's practically perfect and the most well behaved dog we have out of the three.
Are girls just easier?  This is my first time seeing the comparison and it is incredibly obvious she's a chick.  She's more organized with her pee & poo placement, more gentle, delicate, nurturing, and sweet natured.
She hides her treats in her bed for later.  And she desperately wants to love on Booger, our blind senior shih-tzu.  She kisses his face and gets excited when he moves around.

The boys are great in their own way but it's nice to have another vagina in our household out of five beating hearts total...well six counting the frog, but I don't know if it's a boy or girl. 


My creativity is flowing and I'm pumped.  
 This is a double halo using the Tarte Pro Palette and it's a technique where I omitted the space in the middle of both my upper and lower lids.  I also used individual lashes in between those spaces.
I listed all the products on my new style Insta account The Gentle Thrifter .
I also experimented with a wing I'm calling The Croc Tail. 
I don't think it will stick considering it has zero ring to it, I just don't know what else to call it!
Essentially, I just dotted my eyeliner using a gel and gave it a sharp tail. 
 I think it helps break up the monotony of a cat wing don't you?



 The hubs and I went out to one of our fave spots in Tacoma called Table.  It's one of the "farm to table" type places that's all shmancy.  Since we aren't boozin' (it was so hard to not get wine) we both opted for the house made vanilla thyme soda...UMMM I must try to make this at home it was phenomenal.  

We are at our five week mark of sobriety and haven't decided how long we are going but it sure feels nice!
We were both in the mood for something light so we got the salmon with yogurt herb sauce and beet salad. How they get the flavors to all melt in your mouth like that is beyond me.  
Then we popped in for dessert at The Ice Cream Social.  It usually has a big line out front, but this time we got lucky. I got my favorite salted caramel in a cone and Lyle got raspberry ginger in a cup.

It was a wild Saturday night where we were in bed by 9pm. It started to downpour outside so we got cozy in bed with all the dogs, lit a candle, opened the windows so we could hear the rain hit the leaves and started Season 2 of The Sinner. 

Honestly, it's my favorite type of "Date Night" where I don't have to cook, the food is exceptional, and we are cozied in early.


I had put some green onion in a vase over a week ago just to see what happened and it actually stayed fresh rather than getting all saggy in the fridge.  Then I pondered what would happened if I planted the bulbs in soil...so I did just that and I am excited to see what happens to it.  Is it possible I will be able to have green onion growing in my sunroom now?  I will keep you posted.
I have also managed to keep a basil plant alive for more than a month.  This is epic considering every herb I ever get has died in a week.  I have been pampering this thing like it was going to be entered into a plant competition.  I don't ever pluck leaves to use in recipes or if I do I use maybe one...which kind of defeats the purpose of having it but I really want to see how long this thing will last.

My plant water moisture checker tool has been saving every piece of greenery in my home.  I had most definitely been over-watering everything.  They never all need watered at the same time because they all need different levels of dryness which is indicated on the box which needs what.

  I highly recommend to anyone who has a hard time with plants, get yourself one.
 It was $10 on Amazon and 100% worth it.

I got this one.



There's been alot of products lately that are eye catching like this "Butt Serum" from Truly Organic.  I actually quite like this entire line.  The brand is slowly making it's way into Ulta's and the Olympia store here in WA has the most of their products then anywhere else I've seen.  

Baddie Winkle just came out with a "boob mask" that is a sheet mask for the tiddies, and it's only sold on Sephora's website exclusively.

You can also find butt sheet masks and you bet your ass I got one (wink).
I will report back about this one for sure.



Anyone else just ready to skip right to Fall?  
I have all these sweaters I thrifted and now I just get to stare at them.

It's already getting cooler at night here in the PNW and I noticed one of the Goodwills already has Halloween costumes out!  That is so freaking soon but I secretly love it.
I also just ordered two Autumnal candles from a BB Works sale that I just couldn't resist.

I am not ready to run out and get pumpkin flavored stuff juuuust yet but the moment that calendar switches from August to September, the Autumn decor switch out in our house will begin STAT.



I'm going to end on the most delicious dinner I've made in a long time.
I kept seeing "Shrimp Boils" popping up all over Pinterest this summer 
and finally wanted to try making one.

It's essentially a big pan of things you toss in the oven and can pick away at with your hands.
Corn, shrimp, sausage (I used vegan), potato, all covered in a garlic butter and herb mixture.

It is my favorite thing OF ALL!  
Ok that's kind of dramatic but seriously it was so good. 

I used this recipe I saw on Pinterest from Damn Delicious.
We loved it with my version of a "cocktail sauce" which was just ketchup and Sriracha mixed together.

  I think I could eat this every night, not kidding.

Well that's all I've got for this week!
 Thanks for stopping by.

X's & O's 


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