This was a doozy of a week that I won't go into, but let's just say thank goodness for cooler weather, rainy days returning, and guilt free loooong Sunday mornings in bed to cheer us all up.

Not even just eight years ago I was saying how I wanted to live somewhere warm.
Now that I've succumbed to the allure of the dreary weather here, I prefer chilly days over hot and rainy days over sun.  It's funny how we can change like that.

I love the wet sound of tires passing on rainy roads with a swoosh.
I like to hear it hitting the leaves around me, or the shingles of a rooftop, or the metal of a car.  
It's like a relaxing rhythm that can assist in any afternoon nap's soundtrack.

I like to see the yellow dry lawn change to green again after getting crispy all summer where we even stopped having to mow it.  The blades of grass dipping down and up from the weight of a drop.

Rain is romantic as fuck.
C O Z Y   C A F E ' S
On this particular rainy Sunday, we went to Gig Harbor, WA

Lyle found this breakie cafe online called "Devoted Kiss" and I applauded him for such a great find as this was the best breakfast I've had cooked for me in a long ass time.

We both sipped our coffee as we watched the rain hitting the marina water out the window.  Ravens were fighting over crackers on the railing, and the boats rocked back and forth from the small wake.

Eggs benedict and fresh-squeezed orange juice hit the spot.
Afterwards, we took a stroll down to the waterfront and had a mini photoshoot next to a boat barn.
Even though it was raining, it was the typical mist we get here so being outside without an umbrella didn't seem to matter.
H E A L T H Y   H A B I T S  A R E   H A R D  T O  K E E P
Knowing that lemon water is good for me, and I tell myself I will have it every morning before coffee no matter what, you would think I would've made it past three days.  
Spoiler, I did not.

Hot water and lemon are supposed to alkalize, help your digestion, boost your metabolism, reduce acidity, and jump-start your body in the morning and I still say, "aww screw it" and go straight in for my coffee first thing.

I am addicted to the smell of coffee in the morning.  
I am not addicted to the smell of lemon in the morning.  
I love the taste of coffee and the flavor of the creamer I'm using that week.
 I do not love the flavor of lemon water.  
This is my dilemma.

Maybe if I just skip the hot part and go straight in for lemon water and sip it all day, that is my compromise?  Well, it's better than nothing.

Do you feel you are good at these types of routines?
F L O W E R S   O F   T H E  W E E K
Ohhhhh hydrangeas you beautiful fluffy clouds of love.
Possibly top five fave flowers.

I had never noticed before how long they last either!
I've had these babies for almost two weeks and they are still going strong, not shedding flower pedals even to the slightest, and look stunning on my dining table.
Trader Joe's had the flowers for $5 and then I chose the extra side of greenery for another $3 to go with.  I love the look of it and might go a second round of hydrangeas just for the sake of how long they last alone.

Perhaps, I can change up the color next time.
M U S H R O O M   B L O N D E
My plan once I lightened my hair to the right shade was to go gray or blonde-ish gray and it was something I felt confident doing at home myself.

I got the foils (pre-cut) from Salley's, two different tones of permanent gray color, one dark one silver and went in layer by layer adding the deep tone to the root and switching to the light down the hair shaft and at the ends I just pulled a little leftover through them.  
So it was sort of a three tone effect from dark to light.

Risky?  Yes.
Stupid? Yes.
Worth it? Yes.

I don't know what I'm doing really.  I kind of just get the idea, know what works and what doesn't work and just go for it.  You know you did something right when the main compliments you get are from hairstylists.

I also had a woman walk across the beauty store straight at me (while I was working) and point to my hair and ask who did it.  I said "me", and she said she had been trying to explain "mushroom blonde" to her stylist, but couldn't quite get the image out of her head properly to describe exactly what the hair color was and she said mine was exactly it. 

Makes me super proud of the hair experiments I do...most of the time. 
S M E L L    O' V I S I O N

Close your eyes.
Ok, wait don't cause then you can't read what I'm saying.
Maybe close one eye and take a deep breath. Ahhhh. Ok.
Now imagine you are walking through an apple field...
They are all ripe and some have fallen to the ground and are kicking up hardcore apple smell...
In your hands, you have a giant cinnamon stick the size of a baseball bat, and you begin wacking away at those delicious ripe apples, mashing the shit out of them.
Then a friend of yours comes in with nutmeg...I don't know what the hell nutmeg looks like in its natural state so let's just say your friend is skipping through like Little Red Riding Hood and is sprinkling nutmeg around you while you beat the living shit out of the apples with a cinnamon bat.  Paula Dean walks in and starts rubbing butter all over herself.

 That's what this bottle of Apple Spice room spray is like.
Smell O' Vision.
You're welcome.

Rosy Rings makes my favorite room sprays, which luckily after finding it in a tiny boutique in a small store when visiting Coeur D'Alene, it was avl to order on the Amazon beast as well.
I do intend to transition into pine-scented goodness here in about a month which they do have a version of as well, but for now, Apple has my eye.

If you'd like to watch the week in favorites live, this vlog has everything in it talked about here.
Enjoy and see ya next time.


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