Avo-Toast (a.k.a. Blogger Survival Food)

Blogger Survival Tip 1
Make avocado toast and post it on all your platforms.

How else will we all know if you are into Monstera plants and hexagonal home decor if you aren't eating the right brunch?  Avocado toast is the beckon of bloggers across the globe.

I will also be saving you the long drawn out story as to why I love avocado toast.
It's avocado on f'n toast, there's really no other way to explain that it's delicious and as universally loved as coffee cup accessorizing.

Use spices you love.

My go to are:

Celery Salt
Garlic Salt or Powder
Chilli Powder
Sea Salt

I obvs love salt.  
If I were ever stranded out to sea, the salt in my pores will become one with the ocean and I will morph into a mermaid.

 Add whatever extras you have around for toppings.

Various nuts for crunch:

Almond Slivers
Sunflower seeds

Dressing Drizzles:

Chipotle dressing
Annie's Green Goddess Dressing
Sriracha Mayo

 Whip the avocado and spices together with a fork.

A single avocado seems to spread perfectly over two pieces of toast.
I prefer either toasted whole grain or sourdough.

For extra protein (and if this brunch needs to last me all day) I always throw on an over-easy egg.

This technically can feed two if I did a second egg on the other slice of toast since it is quite a generous portion.  If my husband is home I always make this for two with a smoothie on the side.

You can refrigerate your mashed avocado with a bit of water poured over top so it won't brown and use it the next day!

That's all, hope it inspired you to make your own creative variations of Avo-Toast.

X's & O's
The Gentle Thrifter


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