Coffee Mug Collection Display

If you're a coffee drinker and mug collector you know how beloved each mug is and displaying them is an art form. I've been trying to think of ways to show them off that doesn't look cluttered or take up counter space.

Finding a mega-cute mug is like finding a truffle in the forest. My most recent find was this "Heck Yes" mug I spotted while strolling through Target. My husband was already long gone with the cart as I scanned the shelf like a crazy lady. It might have something to do with mustard yellow being my favorite color right now and we literally just watched Napoleon Dynamite the night before.

Did you spot the shiht tzu gremlin?

Having donated or tossed a bunch that weren't my cup-of-tea, if you will, I had enough to fit two of the three shelves. The shelf below is some flow over kitchen items that will be moved once my collection expands. Did you hear what I just said? I have ROOM for MORE now!

Let's take a look at some of my favorite mugs in my collection. Each one is picked out daily with care, it's all about the Mug Mood.

That's all I got! Stay tuned on my Instagram cause I'm a total nerd and share every mug I purchase in my stories. Do you collect coffee mugs too?


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