Lasting Mask Makeup

Sometimes for a sense of normal, I go a little further with my makeup for absolutely no reason.  My quaren-face is typically BB Cream and mascara now, but pre-rona I'm so used to getting up, getting creative with my look for the day, and going to work to put makeup on others.  Things have definitely been weird this year for MUA's, not sure if we will ever really return to brand work the way it once was.

  I may be going nowhere fun, especially now we are amidst three states on fire and air quality is absolute crapolla, but popping on a smokey eye to go to the store can sometimes be all I need to feel human again.  As much as I love comfy pants and a messy bun, there's a balance and I think I've found it.

I did this SUPER easy smokey eye look and tested out a few different ways to help my makeup stay put using some simple techniques that anyone can do. 

Enjoy the video!



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