Marley Spoon Review

 Does anyone else make ONE thing that tastes gourmet and you think to yourself, "I'm a professional chef". 

 No?  Just me?

I'm no chef, but I'm a cook.

My mom is a cook, my mom's mom is a cook.  

We all love the reward of preparing a meal for others to enjoy.

Then I met my husband nine years ago and have been the only food prepper in this house since.  If we don't go out to eat then it's up to me to whip up something.  I made the mistake of spoiling us in the beginning years of dating, making recipes from a fine-dining cookbook series I started to collect.  Everything always turned out SO mouth-watering good, it was hard to turn back from there and go with Hamburger Helper.

Once the pandemic set in we found ourselves home even more and I officially got burnt out on coming up with ideas so I decided to turn to meal planning services.  First, I went to Youtube and watched several review videos to compare the different ones out there.  One gal had tried five in a matter of a week and had rated Marley Spoon as the highest for flavor and quality so I signed up.

A week later, we received our first box and I was hesitant to love it purely out of guilt.  I felt so guilty that I couldn't think up the recipes myself.

My first thought was wow, everything comes in such small little containers.

I also worried the packaging was wasteful.

Then, I wasn't sure about the type of food quality we were getting.

Well, I read on to find that each item is exactly that size portioned out for us so we wouldn't have wasteful foods taking up space in the fridge.  That actually was huge for me, as when I clean out our fridge I usually find we throw away so much food it's painful to see.

The packaging is recyclable so it's eco-aware, ok phew.

The meat packaging and their website confirmed it was from antibiotic-free, small-batch producers so the ingredients are guaranteed fresh quality.  Ok, check.

The recipe cards come with six steps to follow.  I noticed they try to keep the mess down, so you will find yourself re-using the same pans often.  

I found the food came out exactly as pictured just about every time, I say "just about" because there were only a few times where I missed a detail and screwed up.  It's always salvageable when this happens but it's still annoying when you realize you threw in something that didn't go in that specific part of the dish.

I struggled with the onion rings and decided to never make them again, lol.

Otherwise, one thing I can say that was noticeable from the start was that I was learning new tricks.  I learned how to time certain things to come out perfect, I'm using lemon and lime zest all the time (which is new to me), and doing a bunch of things I never did before.  I keep the cards in a file so on days without Marley Spoon, I can reference back to a green bean side I liked or a sauce I want to try again.

I'll be honest, I expected us to try this for maybe a month and just cancel it, but now I depend on it. I look forward to it every week.  I love sitting down with a coffee in the morning and picking out our recipes for the next month. 

I usually pick one recipe I know my husband will love and one recipe that I will love so we both get to enjoy a plate favorite that week.  I tend to love the more southern style cooking and pasta plates whereas he prefers Mexican-style dishes and Thai.

I loved Marley Spoon so much I reached out to the company and asked for a banner to put on my blog for my Youtube peeps to get discounts.  Wouldn't you know it they DID.

I was elated.

So you can typically start off with a discount of some sort.  When we signed up we received a few free meals, we just had to pay for shipping.

Try it for yourself here and get a mad discount!


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