Rosemary Oil Cubes

 I was flipping through this month's Real Simple mag and they had the cutest ideas for herbs. It just so happens I recently expanded my garden with my mother-in-law over the weekend, now complete with rosemary, sage, and basil.

The idea was to put herbs and oil in an ice cube tray then freezing it for easy pods to throw into soups or tossing in a pan.

I found this silicone mini muffin tray making it easy to push them out however ice cube trays work too.
Herbs can be mixed and matched but this go-round I went with just rosemary and olive oil.

This started to make the wheels turn in my head as I thought of other variations you can do with different oils.

For example:

Sesame oil and sesame seeds
Truffle oil mixed w/ a neutral oil and basil
Coconut oil and citrus zest
Veggie oil and bay leaves
Butter (melted) and sea salt flakes
Garlic and butter

The options really are endless! I really like that this also portions out the servings so I don't overdo it.
Put them in a freezer bag and they can last up to 6 months. It's great for herbs you want to preserve.

I can't wait to make some spaghetti or even a grilled cheese with this! The oil should be nicely infused with the flavor of the herb so I look forward to trying it out. They melt VERY quickly so I suggest getting them into a freezer bag as soon as possible. That way they don't lose their shape or stick together.

I hope you enjoy this fun and quick cooking tip and let me know what variations you come up with!


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