How I Tape-In Hair at Home

I wasn't blessed with hair that will grow long. 

It gets to a point and then stops growing and goes dead at the ends.  It's just something I've had to deal with my whole life so I like to put in hair extensions for length and volume.

I don't put professional extension installation in my budget for self-care,  I'd rather use that chunk of change on something else.  I choose to do it myself because I find it's easy to install at home.

 Clip-ins pull and snag, micro-beads slip and hurt for a few days.  I just find tape is the best bet.

I personally like 20-inch length human hair.  

Use whatever brand you like whether it's Bellami, Pro Hair, or Zala but I use these Lab-eh ones per recommendation from a friend because of the affordable price and quality.  It also comes with a set of lashes with every box, which I buy two per round.

  I just got two sets for $67 total (here's where I get them)

 Pro Hair & Zala are both around $120 and Bellami is premium pricing.  

Other Supplies:

Rattail Comb or comb with a pick end 

Flat Iron

Hair Clips

Mirror that extends from a wall so you can see behind you

Tip:  You will want clean, dry, and straightened hair so you don't have oil or product that might prevent the tape from sticking properly, and flat ironed to make taping in place less work.

Trust me, it's much much easier this way.

Getting started:

Clip hair out of the way.
 You will want to start from the bottom and work your way up.
Lay out your extensions and prep your work station keeping it clean and dry.

Peel back the tape paper from your first weft.

You don't want to start at the base of your hair completely with your first row.
Move up a smidge from the base so if you want it in a ponytail, a bit of hair will cover the tape.
Take a small row of strands and place the tape under, laying hair on the sticky side up.

Take a second weft and lay on top creating a sandwich, so both sticky sides are "kissing".
That way you don't feel any sticky-ness and it's now waterproof.

The non-sticky side is pointing up and should match your hair color so it disappears in your hair.
This looks bright because of the lighting but the tape ends are as dark as my hair.

Clamp your hot iron over the sandwich and hold for 3 seconds, not too long or it will cook it and separate the glue from the strands.  I put my iron at 400 temp but careful if your hair is delicate, go lower heat. 
 Important! Clamp as you go.  Last time all the hair was in place before I went around to seal it and regretted it immediately because it was SO MUCH hair in the way.

First row:  I do two wefts
Drop some hair in between and start a second, where I do three wefts.
Then up to four as the noggin' widens

Don't put any directly over the ears as they will rub.
Move them up a bit so you can push your hair behind your ears if you want.

If you nearly run out of wefts toward the top (like I did this time) you can fold a couple in half and sandwich them together to spread them out more.

An hour later, bada-bing-bada-boom your hair is looking fwiiiine.

You will notice fresh new hair feels thin and you might even think it's not enough.  It is!
It thickens after washing and suddenly you realize you have more hair than you know what to do with.  Grab those thick hairbands I promise.
(I was pleasantly surprised by this my first go-round)

I have a friend who only uses one kit and it's plenty for her so it's your call how much you want.
  I like a lot of hair and like it loooong AF.

I get my husband to trim across the bottom so it's straight and not too whispy but again your call.


Use dry shampoo in between washings.  I wash once a week and dry shampoo for the rest.  I use brown dry shampoo FYI.
Hair washing day is a chore and you want to set aside some time because you want to be sure the wefts are completely dry before going to bed or pulling it up.  I air dry for a bit, then blow-dry, and then style after each wash.

Loosely braid it or do a ponytail before bed to keep it in order, especially if you keep it mega long like I do.

Mine lasts about three months if taken care of properly.  I take Biotin so my hair grows faster which means the wefts lower quicker, I think some say theirs lasts up to 5 months! 
 It all depends on your hair.

Use a detangling brush and hold your hair halfway down to brush the ends.
  Don't just pull from top to bottom.
To brush the top, just use your fingers or lightly brush being careful of the wefts.

If roots grow out and greys show or your hair is naturally lighter, use a root cover-up, it will prolong the time you need to touch-up color.

Human hair extensions can be styled with hot tools just like normal hair but to keep it in good condition, as you would with normal hair, don't over fry it.  It can also be color treated if you want to go darker.

Use a hair mask once in a while to repair any heat damage.


When taking them out, I use this specific orange oil.  You can buy this one here or go to Sally's and ask for the orange hair extension remover ($6).  They will know exactly what you're talking about.

Drench the weft in the orange oil and let sit for 15mns.  Then go in with fingers and start to massage gently.  It starts to loosen from hair and will pull out easily.  DO NOT TUG it will rip your hair out.

Once all is out, wash a few times, condition, then style as usual.  Your hair will feel hella thin after having extensions in and you might see a significant amount of hair in the drain only because we lose so much hair daily and it gets locked in with the extensions.


I am not a licensed professional, I'm just a determined lady who likes to DIY stuff like this, and I've been doing my own hair for ages.
If you don't feel comfortable, save up and go to a profesh.

Some of these links are affiliated, meaning I get a small slice of the pie if you click and buy.
These slices help fuel this blog and are greatly appreciated.

Thanks for popping in!



  1. Seanna, can you colour your hair at home with the extensions in, or do you have to wait until you remove them to change up the colour and dye your extensions separately before attaching them?

    1. Great question! I recently just took mine out so I could do an all over color refresh but was ready for new extensions any way. If you need to add some color I think it'd be fine with them in, as long as you are careful to avoid the tape as much as you can.


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