Period Underwear

Every woman must decide which period protection option is best for them.
Tampons, pads, cups, or maybe you take certain birth control resulting in a mere panty liner. 
 Then, there's bleached cotton, all-natural applicators, no applicators, plastic vs paper, giant mattress pads... it goes on.
From the moment I first started,  I had intense cramps and heavy periods.
I bled out through my cheerleading uniform and had to drive the hour home and skip the game.
I'd have to leave class to lay in the nurse's office because I'd go pale and feel faint.

All grown up and nothing has changed.
As an adult, I've had to leave work mid-shift, my manager telling me "You look like a ghost" and everything would go tunnel vision.

I'm unable to wear tampons for a number of reasons.

1. I don't like the idea of an un-natural object "stopping up" the blood flow.
2.  I like to bleed to shorten period times.  Tampons drag it out to five days and pads usually went for only three.
3.  With heavy bleeding, I'm having to change tampons out too often and would end up wearing a pad anyway due to leaking.
4.  I struggled to insert them without pain due to intense cramping.

I ended up going to the doc to figure it out and eventually had a surgery called a D&C .
It turns out I do have a medical condition called complex hyperplasia without atypia, (so I wasn't crazy) and am regularly monitoring a small fibroid with my doctor.

I have already accepted the fact that a partial or full hysterectomy will likely be in my future and I'm ok with that.  I've got puppies and that's enough.

So why period underwear?

If you experience heavier flow, you know that the size of pads will usually need to span the entire front to back of your underwear, especially when sleeping.  You also have to sleep either on your stomach or back or you risk leaking. 

 They stink. 
They sound like a diaper.
 They fill up the garbage.
They're messy.
  They're not eco-friendly.

When I started exploring options after being fed up with pads, I actually watched a few Youtube vids.
One gal in the comments of a video about "menstrual cups getting stuck" recommended Modi Bodi and it got a bunch of likes.
I immediately started researching.
I compared it to a few other brands and would still like to try others, but I went ahead and placed the order for three pairs.

One black high-waisted/heavy flow
One nude high-waisted/heavy flow
One black night-time/heavy flow

My first impression was WOWZA these are tight.
I have a belly and juicy bum so I went XL to be on the safe side.

When I read the label it said "we are snug at first but we will get comfier overtime" or something along those lines.  Well, it was right, and now I see I could've gone with my normal sizing which is typically large.  They still fit, but large would've been just fine.

The verdict? 

I absolutely love them.


Here's answers to some questions I first had.

Are they comfortable?
 I feel like I have on normal underwear and forget I'm on my period (if it wasn't for the cramps) most of the time.  The lining is lightweight and completely unnoticable.

How often do you change them?
I said before, I have HEAVY flow, but I can put on one pair for the entire day.

Do they smell?
They don't stink like pads.  Not sure why, perhaps it's the plastic in the maxi-pads but comparatively the smell is very, very minimal with these on.

Do they leak?
This is honestly the best part.  Period sleep has been an issue for me since I began bleeding. The night time pair has a liner that runs the entire span of the front and back, giving me the best sleep during my period I've had my whole life.  I can side sleep, front, back, whatever, and never worry about leaking.

Is washing gross?
Washing isn't that bad.  For some gals, this may be the part they don't like if you are cringey, but I don't mind the natural process so my own blood doesn't bother me.  I usually let the sink rinse through for a sec and get warm, then take a bar of natural soap and give it a scrub.  Hang dry for the day and rotate the pair you wear.  If needed, I pop them in the dryer on low heat for a moment.

Aren't they expensive?
I will never have to buy disposable period products again so in the long run, no. 
 It cost $89 total for three pair.
I can always expand my collection and get different ones but I'd be fine with these for a while if my budget feels tight.  Think about it this way, you only wear them for half of a week twelve times a year.
With pads & liners I was spending about $15/mo on products, that's $180 a year.

Are they good for the environment?
Saving the best for last, yes it's environmentally beneficial.  Most tampons and pads are loaded with chemicals that sit in landfills that inevitably get soaked into the earth becoming pollution in groundwater.  Now, why are we putting that inside or near us? Just curious whose grand idea that was.

I track my period with an app called "Clue" so I know within a day or two of when I will start.  I prepare ahead of time and just toss these on when it gets close.  I can sleep without racing to the bathroom with a false alarm, which for some reason I get ALL-THE-TIME.  I call it "ghost periods" where I could swear I'm bleeding.  I've had to pull off at gas stations thinking I started early, only to see nothing there.  Freaking ghost periods ladies, it's a thing.

Needless to say, I've found my solution to the menstrual madness and it's period underwear.

The discussion is open below in the comments.
Feel free to share your story, I'm here if you need it or have questions.

Thanks for popping by!


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