The Art of Bracelet Stacking

Stacking isn't as effortless as it might seem.

Sure, you can take a bunch of bracelets and throw them on and it would look pretty good, but mixing metals and styling them together can be considered an art form if done well.

Remember the 90's when there were rules?

Don't mix black and brown. 
Don't wear white after labor day.
Don't mix gold and silver.
Don't Don't Don't

I believe officially, ZERO of those rules apply anymore.
Not only mixing gold, rose gold, and silver is OK, it happens to look fabulous.  Mine are from various places so below I'm going to share where I got them and what makes a great "stack".

I like to have sentimental pieces mixed with luxury brand jewelers. This is like the adult version of what I was doing back in the '90s.  Gone are the days that I hand-tied all of my "friendship" bracelets on a clipboard in various colors, letting them stack up the side of my arm and I even showered with them on.
Some suggestions I have if you're wanting to build your own, is for one, mix it up with the type of bracelet.  Cuffs, bangles, wraps, chains, etc.
  The more various they look, the more interesting it will become.
I'm still on the hunt for a silver metal rope cuff and will probably move the watch to the other wrist.

Secondly, as I mentioned, try mixing up your materials.  It will look too "intentional" if you have all gold or all silver.  With mixed metals it starts to take on a unique form that can't be copied as each piece means something to you and is curated to your own style.

Go thin for a few.  Meaning, maybe choose skinnier bands for a couple of them so you have room to stack.  If too many are giant cuffs you won't get as many to fit together.  
Two of the ones I have on are teeny in width so I can continue to collect.

If you ever want to see the true master of mixing metals, I suggest peeping Sammi Jefcoate's website where she shares all the jewelry that she is forever stacking in a way that seems effortless but looks absolutely stunning.

Michael Kors
 Gold hinge bangle with buckle clasp

 This reminded me of the Cartier Love bracelet that all the fancy pants gals have. You know, the one that has a little lock on it and comes with its own screwdriver to get it to come off.
  (Oh, and costs $7k, no biggie)

Instead of being bitter and jealous I just opted for my own version that makes me just as happy but I only paid $40 for it.  I thrifted this from (you guessed it) The Real Real, my favorite online luxury consignment store.  This retails new at $100.  It came in like-new condition so it was a great addition to the stack I was envisioning and still a well-made piece of jewelry.

Giles & Brothers
Rose gold skinny railroad spike

 They are all my favorites but this is one is up there.
I love the concept of a nail wrapped around.
This design is also a popular one with Cartier, with theirs wrapping all the way around the wrist.
Giles & Brothers are a NY based luxury jeweler.  Every piece is handmade by a brother and sister duo.

I actually follow them on Instagram and they post about stacking bracelets all the time.  They also make men's railroad spikes and I thought my husband might like one for Christmas, so I'm working on feeling out if he'd ever wear it.  It's a very unisex design, it just needs to be sized for men's wrists as they're significantly wider in circumference.  This was also a Real Real find, costing $100 new but I got it for $40 thrifted.

1970's Navajo Turquoise Cuff
Gifted from my momma

This bracelet was my mother's when she was 16.
It was a thank you gift for her working an American Indian jewelry show in Ft. Lauderdale in the 70's.  She eventually got rid of every possession and traveled to California, this is where she met my father and how I came to be, so ya know, no big deal!  When she left, she gave it to her sister whose name somehow became inscribed into the back of it.

She eventually got it back from my Aunt and then gave it to me.  
My mother actually did a little research when I mentioned I was doing this blog post and she found a similar one retailing at $500!  With the familial history of this bracelet, to me, it's priceless.

Alexis Bittar
Lucite Faceted Pyramid Cuff

The color of the pyramid in this cuff is the most beautiful teal color and the gold under it glows through.  It's truly more beautiful in person.
When I'm more on the tan side the color is accentuated even more.
The pyramid has texture but I couldn't manage to get that to show up in the photo.
It's skinny like the railroad spike which leaves room for more on my wrist!

This retails at $200 but I thrifted it for $45 AND had a coupon so I think I paid $25.

Michael Kors
Rose gold watch with nude leather band

My husband gifted this Michael Kors watch in the first year we were dating.
When we met, we both lived in Queen Anne a few blocks from each other and would meet to go on dates in downtown Seattle.  We used to grab dinner and drinks then walk around Nordstrom like it was our own personal playground.  I remember pointing to these watches and admiring how pretty they were.  

I'd never received a brand new luxe piece of jewelry from a dude I was dating before.
Receiving a Michael Kors watch, new, in a box, from a man I was falling in love with was just made a girl feel really good. 

Even though our downtown dates and shopping sprees have been replaced with ramen, yardwork, and fixing our house...I wouldn't change a thing.

We do still go on shmancy dates from time to time, just so you know things don't go to shit after 9 years, haha!

Here's one I found similar for $160

Don't forget you can shop The Real Real sales and get $25-$50 items from top designers!
(If you're new you get a $25 site credit)
Use code REAL for 20% off.

I'd like to thank my sister-in-law for sending the adorable knit pumpkins she made, and what I used for the photos. I thought it'd be a cute nod for an October post. 

Thanks for popping by!

Disclaimer:  Some links are affiliates so if you click and purchase I will receive a small piece of the pie.
It's slices like these that fuel this blog and they're greatly appreciated.


  1. Wow! Those are beautiful. love the railroad spike idea, but I especially love that you thrifted these pieces.

    1. Yes me too! Thrifting feels more like I won a prize.


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