The Beloved Handbag

Nearly 40,000 years ago humans were making pouches out of animal hide to gather herbs and fruits to carry back to their caves.  Once civilization shifted out of loincloths, which I'm sure smelled amazing after a long day of foraging, women moved on to a satchel attached to their girdle underneath those ever so poofy dresses to carry their coins in. The tighter dresses became, designers began producing various types of wristlets for ladies to carry on the outside of their clothes instead.  

In a nutshell, the beloved handbag was born.

Fast forward to present day with my "emergency granola bar" smooshed into a corner of my tote while I pack a purse like I'm going to be stranded somewhere for days.

It's International Handbag Day today and in collaboration with The Real Real who have inspired this post, I share with you my collection thus far, nowhere near where I'd like it to be.

 My goal is to have more luxury pieces that will stand the test of time and hold their value for years to come.  

The Real Real is an online luxury consignment store where one can shop designer apparel and accessories at a hefty discounted rate.   It also just so happens their website boasts a vast array of handbags, being their most popular category to shop.  

I'm going to show you some of my favorites handbags I own below and although these particular ones aren't available, I will link to where you can find similar items on this schmancy online thrift store so you too can stash your granola bars in style.  

If you're new to the Real Real you get $25 off your first purchase.
A lot of bags start at $40 so, yeah, a total steal.
Marc Jacobs Messenger Bag

Anywhere I travel, this goes with.  

It's the perfect bag for my laptop and has side pockets for my Kindle or a magazine as well as room for a thin wallet.  
  Marc Jacobs makes some quality pieces I must say.
  The straps are silky and easy to adjust and the hardware is really sturdy. 

Shop Designer Messenger Bags here

Badgley Mischka Oversized Tote

This is my "Mary Poppins" tote.
 I could pull a lamp out of it as a party trick.
  When I need a bag that can fit it all, I bring this.  It expands enough to where I've even thrown in cardigans and cameras.  The hardware and chain straps are strong enough to withstand the weight of anything I've put it through. 
It's a staple.

Shop oversized totes here 

Anne Klein clutch

I got this crossbody clutch at Nordstrom Rack in that big sale pile they have from time to time.
It's a fun one if I just need something small for my phone and keys and want to carry a light-weight purse.  I used to take this to concerts or comedy clubs before, well you know...2020 happened.

Shop designer clutches here

Antik Kraft Vegan Leather Backback

Every handbag collector needs to own at least one good backpack purse.
Backpacks are ideal for when you need things to be securely strapped in or when you intend to juggle a lot of things say like on a Christmas shopping spree.

I got this mustard yellow Antik Kraft handbag recently and although it's not a designer label it looks as if it could be.
The detail is very thoughtful with a brass bar through the top to keep it from slouching and a long front flap for the enclosure.  It's a handy bag for sure.

Shop designer backpacks here

1950's Mel-Ton Faille Bag

I did some literal digging for this bag in the Goodwill Bins.  Everything is by weight there so this probably cost me only a couple bucks.  Before I did some research, I threw this in the washing machine thinking, what's the worst that can happen? I paid so little for it.  I'm grateful it wasn't ruined as it turns out this is a vintage Mel Ton purse from Spring of 1950 where Faille bags were all the rage.  WWII had ended so purses were once again allowed to be crafted with metals.  During the war certain materials were in high demand causing a lot of bags to be made out of wood and cloth instead.

The inside is clean and perfect with no rips or stains. 
 I was shocked at how good of condition it's in, someone must have really loved it. 

Vintage handbags are a BIG part of fashion historically.
  The first handbag Coco Chanel ever made was in 1929 but not releasing a bag with a shoulder strap until 1955 where it finally became socially acceptable for women of status to carry a purse on their shoulder. 

Louis Vuitton branched out in 1930 from their usual train trunk designs to creating the Keepall Speedy, a universal handbag anyone could carry with ease. 
 I'm saving up for an LV vintage speedy as my next collector's purchase.

Shop vintage handbags here

You can find out more interesting handbag history by following the reference links below.

If you are dabbling into the realm of quality purses and accessories I can't recommend shopping the Real Real enough. 

Don't forget you get $25 off your first purchase and have fun collecting.


Disclaimer: As I mentioned the links to the Real Real are affiliate links which means I get a small percentage if you decide to shop their site.
Partnerships like this allow me to continue to spend time working on posts such as this and are greatly appreciated by your support.
Thank you!


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