Walk-In Closet Organization

Not all attic spaces are as spooky as the Haunting of Hill House (which is scaring me terribly at the moment) and I've decided to make our attic in our old 1900's craftsman my own personal space to express my most dreamy closet desires.  
I just don't go up there at night without a light on.

There are a few tricks I've been noting over time that has made it a bit more fun when it comes to seasonal wardrobe change-ups in what feels like a constant rotation of new and old.

1.  Moving Objects

Furniture, storage, and rolling racks can all be switched around.  The shelves can be adjusted to different heights, the cubes for socks and such are mobile, making it easy to rearrange the space if I get sick of it or if sweater season begins and I need to showcase them better.  Anything out of season gets tucked behind the rolling racks so they're out of sight.  I'm guilty of throwing things back there into a heaping pile but my intention is to get a few trunks for that kind of storage.  

2. Flip That Shit

Sometimes all it takes is turning a bookshelf on its side to maximize storage.  With this shelf turned sideways I made a longer surface to display my favorite shoes including my wedding booties and recent purchases I want to see better.  When I get tired of the way this looks I can flip it around again.

Basically, I recommend looking at furniture in a different way and see if it has another function.  You can even take the legs off things, change up the hardware, paint it.  The options are endless!

3.  Don't Just Throw it in a Box

I'm fairly certain literally everything has a case for storage available, like this sunglasses holder.
I felt like they were getting scratched from piling them into a basket.   I ordered this case that I believe is ideal for people who sell glasses or have a lot they need to store and travel with.  Most of my glasses are prescription so I need to make sure they're taken care of.  I like how the cover snaps into place to create an angled display to see them better.  If I get more I can order another case and start stacking them under this.

(I got it here)

You can't just throw necklaces in a box, they need to have somewhere to hang
unless you enjoy the puzzle of untangling things.  I thrifted this necklace holder but you can hang them on all sorts of creative things.

A Pinterest search will surely show necklace display DIY's and one could go the crafty route.
I've seen birch branches for hanging necklaces, hooks in the wall with a frame around it, antlers, etc.

4.  Thrifted Antique Trays

I've never been to a Goodwill and not seen a silver tray in the kitchen aisle.
They can be shined up for organizing your fragrances and bracelets.
Most Goodwills will have a calendar at the front with an indication as to when certain color stickers are on a markdown day, often these can be half off or even 99 cents.

Most metals that have a bit of tarnish will shine up nicely with some baking soda.
I make a paste with a few tablespoons of powder mixed in with a little water then scrub it with a washcloth.

There's something incredibly rewarding thrifting items and giving them new life.

5.  Rolling Racks

Clothing rolling racks have saved my ass.
Being able to wheel them around has made it easy to rearrange everything with no problem.  I hang most things and like to have them separated by clothing type then color i.e. dresses and skirts together and tops together.  You can also adjust the height which helps with the various angles of the roof.

I also like to use two consistent types of hangers so it doesn't just look like a pile of messy mismatched plastic.  I use felt-covered for things that slip off easily and wooden for the rest.
I get all of my hangers at TJ Maxx or Home Goods where they usually have them in bulk for under $10.

(Get these rolling racks here)

6.  Places to Sit

Everyone needs a place to sit in or near their closet. 
Whether it's to reflect on an outfit, sit to put on your shoes, or a landing spot to put your laundry basket so you can put away clothes with ease, it's SO worth it.

This little faux cow-hide cube was a Wayfair purchase and is super lightweight.  I like that the pattern brings in some different textiles throughout the space.

The faux shearling rug is from Ikea.  It was originally white and eventually got so stained I decided to dye it pink. 
The color theme of the closet is pink and forest green so my eye is trained to search for things to decorate with that matches.  Luckily our old couch fit in this little nook perfectly and is what triggered the color coordination to begin with.  

My husband likes to sneak up here and take naps. It's one of the only spaces in our house where you can hear the rain hitting the roof and with the window open, a breeze will literally soothe you right to sleep.

Do you like to make your closet a special place?

Sometimes I wonder if I'm making it intentionally messy just so I have an excuse to sit up there with a podcast and reorganize it.  

It changes with every season so if you'd like an update in Spring let me know! 

Thanks for popping by.

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