De-Grinching My Face

 🎶 You're a mean one, dear Dead Skin
 You really are a heel
You're as cuddly as a cactus
You're as charming as an eel
Dead skin, you're a bad banana
with the greasy black peel 🎶

Last week I posted a vlog and noticed toward the end of it, that my skin was showing some texture around the nose and cheeks.  I felt like I had Grinch-face all leathery and wrinkled.

I was ready to whip out my whole artillery of skincare and masks until I remembered I was being sent this "Spin-care" system from Duvolle to try out as a courtesy, and talk about in my blog, so I waited.

Well, it came yesterday and I was very excited to get up this morning and finely tend to my skin with a little at-home facial.  

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The system generously comes with four attachments for a whole body exfoliation experience.

Facial exfoliation brush
Large body cleansing brush
Facial cleansing brush
Pumice Stone

Today I just wanted to focus on my face but I am excited to use the body exfoliation brush to remove tan residue between applications and buff out my bum. lol

Here are the steps I took today in giving myself a full pamper sesh.

Step 1

I steamed open my pores by holding a towel over my head and leaning over a pot of water I had heated up (one must be careful when doing this, it's hot).
I dropped some eucalyptus and ylang-ylang essential oils into the water and had a little zen moment breathing in the steam.  I love the way my skin looks after doing this alone!  

Step 2

Using the exfoliation brush first, I dabbed a little face wash on the bristles, then gently ran the brush around my face in circular motions.  As every esthetician has ever advised me, DO NOT push or scrub too hard when exfoliating.  The idea is to work away dead skin cells and excessive oils without grinding it like a jackhammer.

I noticed as I was sudsing up that I could visibly see the dead skin in the soap suds.  
Aha! It's working.  I was long overdue for a good scrub apparently.
(All of this will be in this weeks' vlog footage at the end of the week, link will be updated here)  

Note:  I do expect to possibly see small blemishes arise afterward since this is working the dirt out of my pores, I usually do have a small breakout after facials.

Step 3

I then applied a charcoal mask to draw out any leftover impurities and let it sit for 10 mns.

Step 4

I needed to shower to rinse off a tan application I did last night, so I hopped in while using the facial cleansing brush one last time to take off what the mask had drawn out.  The bristles were super soft to my surprise.

This is an unedited pic of my skin after all the above steps, my skincare routine, and before I put on some makeup.

My overall impression of the Radiance System by Duvolle?


My skin feels amazing, soft, smooth, and clean.

The handle to the brush feels really well made and I was surprised at the quality and weight of the system.  I've had some in the past that felt too light and basically just cheap plastic, this is not the case with the Spin-Care brush.  The handle is matte for better gripping as well.

I love that it's water-proof as this will likely live in my shower.
I'm curious to see how long the batteries last (it takes 4 AA batteries) as most of these brushes I've used in the past came with a charging dock.

I compared this brush to the one I currently have and it definitely blew that one out of the water.  The old one lost battery life too quickly and I had to keep it on the charger 24/7 eventually just throwing it in the back of my skincare closet.
This one circulates, whereas my old one just sort of vibrated, so I feel this one is actually exfoliating.

From what I've experienced Duvolle has an amazing team. 
 To me, that is HUGE for a brand.
The communication from them has been beyond my expectations.
If you want to purchase this system, you can get 70 percent off just by clicking below and using code SEANNA70 at checkout.  That makes this entire set that is originally $95 on their website, just $28.50 (or you can use it on any of their facial cleansing brushes and styling tools).

MERRY CHRISTMAS to you indeed!

Thank you to the team at Duvolle for sending this to me to try and I'm beyond excited you all get to try it so affordably.

Let me know if you do!

Buy Spin Care System HERE
Use code:  Seanna70


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