Have Yourself a Healthy Holiday Feastmas

Thanksgiving is over but the leftover bloat is leaving its mark...in stretchmarks.
This holiday I did the typical spread with turkey, stuffing, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, gravy, bread, ya know...the regular gut bombs.

It was just the two of us (my husband and I) so we had ample leftovers.
I spent four hours in the kitchen cleaning, prepping, basting, cleaning again, cooking.
FOUR HOURS of making food that ended up in a Tupperware container with the idea we'd be stoked to dip back into it later.

Well, I slept like absolute shit.  
My stomach was hurting all night.
 I'm not naming names but one out of the two of us may or may not have had farts that could blow a door off its frame and strip wallpaper clear off the walls.

Needless to say, the food made me miserable.
The madness must stop.

But what are we to expect?
Walking the grocery stores you see aisles piled high with processed foods.
Carbs sodium carbs sodium, sugar sugar sugar.

I don't want to say that I feel like fun festive foods need to come to an end but I'm saying healthy cooking and eating can definitely be incorporated into these family feasts.

So what did I do?
I went through the fridge and threw away the leftovers.
I opened the pantry and threw out the pound of Halloween candy the trick-or-treaters never claimed.
Goodbye potato chips- hello, fresh fruits, veggies, nuts, and healthy bites.

I started over and am on a sort-of "cleanse" if you will.
The things I think that are making me feel like shit are one or all of these:

Cheese (oh dear GOD I love cheese)
Too much salt
Processed foods 
Canned sauces
 Frozen shit

I can tell when I've eaten something wrong immediately, as my stomach will push out like a pregnant belly and it feels like a pack of tiny elves are trying to force their way out through my navel.  
It's painful and uncomfortable to a degree I can hardly explain.
So I'm stopping all the above.

The first order of business was starting the day off strong with some digestive assistance.

My current morning smoothie: Blueberry, raspberry, half of a banana, oat milk, plain yogurt, protein powder, flaxseeds, fiber, and almond butter (sometimes honey if I want to sweeten it naturally).

Secondly, I considered what to have for lunches that invoked clean eating.
I've been craving fermented foods like kimchi and sauerkraut so I purchased both and found myself slurping down half this container of kimchi in a matter of minutes. 
This was a sign to me that I needed probiotics in a bad way.

I also reached out to my friend, Julie Suttle, and asked her advice on a cleanse that didn't require starving myself.  She has her master of science in nutrition at Bastyr University and who better to ask than a nutritionist about nutrition?!  She did mention that adding something raw or fermented into every meal is a good idea so check that box, I was on the right track.

A healthy lunch example

Hummus, kimchi, carrots, 7 mn egg, avocado with homemade dressing (recipe below), and vegan rice crackers.

When life gives you lemons, make a homemade vinegarette.

You know it had to feel good when my first instinct was to make dips and dressings for veggies that were healthy and one of the first things Julie recommended was making a homemade dressing.

She said, "Most {dressings} are made of canola oil or soybean which are highly processed and pro-inflammatory.  Making a batch of your own dressing with organic EVOO is so easy and a great way to avoid those yucky oils."

I collect reusable jars with cork lids and so I was elated to mix up a batch of vinegarette to put in my new bottle.  

This is juiced clementine, lemon, evoo, splash of vinegar, and then I cut up some leftover herbs from thanksgiving like sage and parsley then tossed it with fresh cracked pepper.  I omitted salt purely because I'm cutting back.  

I don't want to completely cut out all fun things this Christmas so the plan is to make a healthy alternative to Christmas dinner and baked goods.
  Julie recommended the brand Simple Mills for healthy muffins and breads.
She said if sugar is too hard to omit fully, limiting it to 25 grams per day would be wise and also teaches us to read the labels which can raise awareness of how much sugar is actually in our food.

So here's the plan.

Christmas Dinner

Beet salad with goat cheese
Fresh green beans with almond lemon drizzle
Sweet potato mash with organic local butter
Halibut from the fish market with caper tapenade


Molasses & Maple Cookies with Gingersnap Tea & Oatmilk for dipping

I hope this motivates even just one person to spread the word about healthy eating over the holidays.  
As most of you know my background is in cosmetics and beauty but my skincare routine can only do so much.  What we eat affects our skin health too.

We also don't have to live in discomfort from the foods we eat.

Happy Holidays and Happy Feasting.




  1. We are planning to do Halibut for Christmas meal as well! Turkey is just too much when you don't have your whole family around to enjoy it. You end up with so much left over and it doesn't feel good to eat so much heavy food.

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