The "Dressing Up" at Home Vibe

It's been nearly a year since the world changed and we saw our cities shut down. 
The days of dressing up and doing makeup up for work or drinks with friends feels like a century ago.
For so many, the adjustment to being at home all the time has triggered a non-negotiable agreement that comfort is without a doubt, more important than fashion statements.  

Lipstick?  Whose that?
Jeans?  Don't know her.

Ever since we've been in these various phases of lockdown, we find ourselves dressing up to go to Costco.
I'm personally guilty of putting on a new outfit with full hair and makeup just to go get a pap smear.
Sometimes I make an excuse to pop in to Gather for a smoothie on top of my run to the drug-store for my beta-blocker refills, just so I have multiple stops to wear my outfit in public a little longer.

I still hit the thrift stores on occasion, mostly on the hunt for more glam comfies.  I thrifted this faux fur coat recently and sometimes will just put it on over my sweats and run to the grocery store.  It's SO soft and cozy chic.  Just picture it- jogger pants, a band tee, and this fur coat as I stroll through the aisles holding a box of rose' and a bag of chips. 

 I think what's happened is a weird mish-mash of comfy and fancy by default.  

I gotta say, putting myself together with a little hair and makeup in a new outfit can change my entire mood.  If I'm in one of my quaren-slumps, I try to wake up the next day and immediately get ready.
I put on some tanner so I don't look like death warmed over.  I wash my hair and actually style it, and I put on a podcast while I whip out some makeup and take the time to play. 
This gives me some control back.

If you've followed me for a while, you will know I have always loved a unique graphic black eyeliner shape over the eyes.  The conventional wing flick can be fun, but if I'm putting on makeup these days, I want it to be exciting.  

My favorite liner is hands down the *KVD Beauty Tattoo Liner to get that perfect precision.

If you want to get one as well as help a cause, they currently have a fundraiser with a limited edition red packaging of the Tattoo Liner.  For every liner sold 5% will be donated to the United Nations Foundation to benefit an initiative advancing girls' skills, rights, and opportunities to be leaders.

KVD Vegan Beauty

Click photo for more or to purchase

So what does the future hold for us that enjoyed dressing up from time-to-time?
When venues open back up, will we be going to the clubs in our fanciest gear to make up for lost time?
I haven't worn heels in ages and now I suddenly want to shop on The Real Real for some thrifted Loubs just so I'm ready for a date night out at the Comedy Club.
I've already saved three pairs of designer wedges in my favorites for Spring and have my eye on a beautiful espadrille Jimmy Choo platform.

No matter what the future holds for us, I do know that whether stuck inside or traveling to Finland, my desire to have fun with fashion has remained consistent, and my goals are always to inspire that in others.

Now get out there and strut your stuff in the grocery aisles.

X's & O's

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