The Lost-Lost Boys Comic

Coming from someone who has the worst memory, there are stories in my family that I want to keep alive. I need to write them down somewhere so I can look back on them when I forget again.

Last night, I was getting cozy for a movie. It's January here in the Pacific Northwest so movie night is a regular ritual for us while we wane through the rainy season and quite often, nostalgia comes calling. I put on The Lost Boys, a movie from '87 that my fella and I like to watch purely to see how often Corey Haim walks around with his mouth open. That, and the epic 80's outfits because this movie is chock full of them.

I had a sudden memory blip of my Uncle Jay saying he had something to do with the comic book that Corey Feldman and the rest of the "Frog Brothers" gave to Haim saying he will need it upon just moving to Santa Carla (which was filmed in Santa Cruz, CA). They treated it like a sort-of survival guide considering the town was running rampant with vampires.

The comic reads, Vampires Everywhere! and has a quote "From the Flames of Hell, your soul is mine!"

So I texted my Uncle and wanted to dig a litter further. I thought he was the one who created the comic but he replied,

"I didn't draw it. It was never a real comic book, they were props, two of them.

My friend Chris Miller drew them, I did the color-work on it and the two interior pages you see in the movie. There was a rush order from the studio so we stayed up all night doing them. We had to use color screens I had because there wasn't time for airbrushing and hand color-work. That's why the colors are so blah". He also added, "We made a big mistake and didn't get extra copies. Any you see for sale are counterfeit copies. I did a lot of color-work for Blackthorn Comics".

I, of course, had to do a little deep dive on the internet to see what I can find. I did see one forum on Fandom where they gave a lot of info that coincided with my Uncle's recollection of the story behind the comic and I also found a lot of fakes trying to be sold as the real deal. Hopefully, people are doing their research before just buying them up. One thing I found interesting was, the original comic book shop you see in the movie is called Atlantis Fantasy World, the first location was destroyed in an earthquake and they salvaged what they could and moved locations. Now at their second location, if you go visit their store you can get a photo with the owners (Dottie and Joe Ferrara) and one of the original prop comics. Their website mentions the store is "The Home of the Lost Boys".

I'm kicking myself for having been to Santa Cruz a few years back and didn't even think about this story. I could've gone in and met the owner and told him about my Uncle's story of having to rush order making the prop with his friend Chris. It's a neat part of my familial history and one I thought needed to be put down somewhere, in a digital archive. If I ever do make it back down to Santa Cruz, I will be sure to update this post with new pictures and info I find along the way.


A screenshot of the movie with Corey Haim holding the comic

My Uncle Jay's text back when I asked him about it, he obviously talk-texted so that explains the lack of punctuation for reference.

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